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Riding to Hang Mua, Vietnam

Hang Mua was one of the places I went to while exploring Ninh Binh in northern Vietnam. It was an overcast and humid day, but I didn't let the bad weather ruin my trip.

The Drive to Hang Mua

I took the day bus from Hanoi to Ninh Binh; I've heard there isn't much to do in the city itself and the main draw of trips to this part of the country is the countryside. The trip was uneventful and I had enough time for a short trip to Hang Mua and Bai Dinh. I didn't know how to ride a motorcycle, the latter of which is a popular way to get around. I decided to book a motorbike with a driver through the hostel instead.

It was a scenic ride from the city to the countryside. The buildings were replaced by towering karst formations (reminiscent of the ones in El Nido and Coron back home but on land). It would've been nicer if it wasn't overcast, but the fog wrapping around the stone formations was still quite beautiful.

I rarely saw any public transport in the area toward Hang Mua and there was a turn into a narrower road away from the main one, so it's likely people going here were riding taxis or driving their own motorbikes. I made it to the resort and restaurant area of Hang Mua. There were rooms for rent for those planning to spend a night or so.

The walk up the viewing platform was made easy by the cement and stone steps leading up to it. The view from above was spectacular.

Karst formations dotted the landscape of green paddies and small houses.

Visitors could see the boats cutting through the river below.

I wanted to see the sunset over this beautiful landscape; however, the weather didn't cooperate and everything was shrouded by fog. I called it a day when it was almost 7PM.

How to Get to Hang Mua

There are daily bus trips from Hanoi to Ninh Binh, by either train or bus. I booked a bus ticket from a travel agency in Hanoi (there's plenty of them at relatively similar prices) for VND 120000. You might have to take a taxi to get to your accommodation from where the bus drops you. You can also take the train to Ninh Binh from Hanoi a seat costs around US$12 to US$15 (for your reference: Vietnam Railway).

After arriving in Ninh Binh, you can rent a motorcycle for around VND 100000 per day, prices may vary depending on where you rent one.


VND 100000 - Entrance for Hang Mua
VND 200000 - Motorbike rental with driver

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