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Commom Long Term Travel Problems

Long term travel has may perks; you'll stay longer in certain places which means you get to know more about the people and culture, you'll have the opportunity to set routines and make friends with the locals just to name a few advantages. However, despite all of these, you may still encounter some problems.

Missed Flights/Buses/Trains

There are things beyond your control such as inclement weather, repairs and break downs of airplanes. In cases like these, the chances of a delayed or cancelled flight, train or bus increases. This may momentarily derail your itinerary, but try to look at the silver lining, there might be a reason for you to stay longer where you currently are.

Language Barrier

Not everyone can speak your language, this becomes a problem if you stay long in different countries. It's going to be awkward and difficult to even ask for directions or buy things, or have meaningful conversations. You may have to use sign language or an offline translator to get by. If you want to soak in the culture, take some lessons and look for a local to have conversations with, this makes it easier to learn and know colloquial terms.


Skydiving, rock climbing, riding a motorcycle, cliff jumping and otherfun activities you might do while traveling are unforgettable. However, you'll never know when disaster strikes. Injuries are a real possibility whenever you travel; it may be a sprain, fracture, cuts or others. It helps to have insurance in such cases, having one reduces your expenses.

Money Problems

You may have saved enough for your trip, but you'll never know when an accident, theft or emergency may happen. In such cases, you may run out of money. This is a stressful situation because you may not have enough for food, accommodation or transportation. You might need a loan from friends, family or your bank. Have a fund on hand for situations such as this to eliminate possible stress or anxiety.


After traveling for years or just months, some may feel home calling. The familiar faces, streets, conversations, and the nearness of family are the things that may occupy your mind after being on the road for some time. It's easier to stay connected nowadays, technology allows you to send messages or have video chats with loved ones, as long as there's internet. Do these regularly to lessen the effects of homesickness.


All or a combination of the above can make you anxious and stressed. Not having anyone to talk about your problems can make things worse, especially if you are in a new city. Another person just listening to you can make a big difference. When you read Talkspace reviews, you'll realize they might just be the ones that can help you. Their online platform makes it easy to find someone to talk to for those traveling for a long time.

These are just some of the common problems that may arise when you travel for a long time. Learn to roll with the punches and look at the silver lining, if these happen to you.

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