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Travel Guide Budget and Itinerary for Isfahan, Iran

Isfahan is one of my favorite cities in all the countries I've been to. It has an old world charm minus the droves of tourists. It also has an artistic vibe with the many works of art, frescoes, poets and artisans selling their handmade products.

Travel Guide

Chehel Souton

This Safavid-epoch palace is one of the must-see attractions while in Isfahan. When you explore, you'll find a garden and a pool. Its main attraction is the frescoes inside the palace. These depict historical events in the country's storied past.

Naqsh-e Jahan Square

The literal translation of the square's name is "Image of the World Square." This UNESCO-listed site was one of my favorite places in the city. You could see the daily hustle and bustle of locals enjoying each other's company, shopping, eating, hanging out or going to one of the mosques nearby.

Jameh Shah Abassi Mosque

This mosque showcases the ingenuity of Persian architects and builders. It is famous for its stunning mosaic tiles and beautifully written calligraphy. I couldn't help but look up all the time because of the tile work.

Khaju Bridge

This bridge has a history that spans centuries. It was built during the reign of Abbas II. When I visited there was no longer any water running under it. It was also a chill place where locals gathered to sing and recite poems. I was able to hear a group perform, which was a cool experience.

Jame Mosque

This is a UNESCO-listed Heritage Site worth a visit because of its historical significance. You can see the different influences from past eras when you walk around the complex.

Bazaar Hopping

A trip to bazaars in Iran is a must, there's plenty of hustle and bustle inside these. You could also find a bunch of quirky and unique souvenirs to take home. Persian rugs are still quite pricey but much cheaper compared to buying them outside the country.

Ali Qapu Palace

This beautiful palace is one of the main fixtures in Naqsh-e Jahan Square. You don't have to go inside, you can just admire its beauty from the outside. But if you do enter, you'll get a bird's eye view of the square.


*Everything's in Iranian Rial unless otherwise stated.

400000 - Transportation
202000 - Miscellaneous
540000 - 1 night Amir Kabir
605000 - Food and drinks
30000 - Postcards
200000 - Chehel Souton entrance fee
740000 - Souvenirs
200000 - Jameh Shah Abbasi Mosque entrance fee
200000 - Jame Mosque entrance fee
350000 - Bus to Tehran                                                     
3467000 - Total

I wanted to stay longer in Isfahan but time didn't permit it. I would return if given the chance for sure.

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Where to Stay in Isfahan

I stayed in Amir Kabir when I was in Isfahan, I don't strongly recommend it, but it was OK. There were very few budget options online. So if you think you can risk just going to the city and randomly look for a place to stay, go ahead.

Getting Around the City

I walked everywhere. There are taxis and buses, but because of the short time I had I never figured out their routes. Taxis are affordable depending on which parts of the city you go to.

How to Get to Isfahan

I took the bus from Yazd which took around 5-6 hours one way and costs 180000 Iranian Rials. There are also buses from Tehran, if you want to travel by land.

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