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Batanes Escapade II: South Batan's Attractions

Batanes is a beautiful destination characterized by rolling hills, stunning vistas and a unique culture. To make exploring easy, routes were divided into North and South Batan, Itbayat and Sabtang.

These are some of the places included in South Batan's itinerary.

Chawa View Deck

Batanes has plenty of scenic drives and viewpoints, one of them is the Chawa View Deck. This spot has stunning views of the hills, rock formations and the sea.

Racuh a Payaman

Racuh a Payaman or Marlboro Country has views of the verdant rolling hills and carabaos grazing. This destination has a laid back vibe and picturesque vistas. The area is not just a tourist attraction, but also pastureland.

Honesty Coffee Shop

This unique coffee shop aims to bring out the best in people. You can buy souvenirs and snacks here. You can make this destination a rest stop before moving on to the next attraction.

Alapad Pass and Rock Formation

The beautiful views of the province don't seem to end. The Alapad Pass and Rock Formation add to the list of stops that showcase the rugged, but beautiful landscape of Batanes. This place was also one of the locations for the early 90s movie "Hihintayin Kita sa Langit" starring Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta.

House of Dakay

This stone house is a cultural and historical gem of Batanes. The structure was built in the late 1880s and has survived the test of time and natural catastrophes. Ask for permission to go inside and take photos.

Diura Fishing Village

This fishing community is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. The villagers live a simple life; if you visit at the right time, you'll see them air out and dry their catch. They also hold a ritual called "Kapayvanuvanua." The locals do this before fishing season to catch more fish and to prevent accidents.

These are just some of the places you'll see while exploring the South Batan route. Here are some other attractions to include in your itinerary:

Where to Stay

There are plenty of accommodations in Batanes, regardless of your budget.

Fees for South Batan

P1500 - for a tricycle tour of South Batan
P350 - environmental fee

Booking a Tour

For a comfortable excursion, book a tour with Wakay Tours. They are a top-notch travel agency, contact them through:

Website: https://www.wakaytours.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bataneswakaytravel/

*DISCLAIMER: I was part of a tour around Batanes with the Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines.

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