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Boracay Travel Requirements for the New Normal

 A lot of people are eager to travel again after months in quarantine and limited movement. Travelers want to go on a vacation even just domestically. October 1 was the day Boracay reopened to visitors living in GCQ areas (general community quarantine). However, you'll need multiple requirements before you can enter one of the world's best islands.


Here are the requirements if ever you plan to visit Boracay.


Requirements for Boracay Travel in the New Normal

  • Click this link Tourist Boracay and choose the Boracay button. Fill out the health declaration form and submit.
  • After you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation with further instructions.
  • You need to attach a negative result of your RT-PCR test (not earlier than 48 hours of your travel dates), proof of identification and confirmed booking. Send these to touristboracay@gmail.com. Use the subject "OHDC-Family Name, First Name" for the email. 
  • The Final Validator will send you a reply within 12 hours. 
  • If your trip is approved, you will receive a copy of HDC with Tourist QR Code. Present the HDC with Tourist QR Code once you are in Boracay. 

Reminders for Boracay Travel in the New Normal

  • The RT-PCR test result must be not earlier than 48 hours of your chosen dates.
  • Self isolate before your trip to reduce the risk of getting Covid-19 before going to Boracay.
  • Keep a digital or printed copy of the QR code sent to you. You'll need this during your stay on the island.
  • If you're from Aklan, you don't need a negative RT-PCR test result.
  • Follow the hotel guidelines for the allowed number of guests per room.
  • Get your RT-PCR test from accredited laboratories, list here: Covid testing laboratories.
The pandemic has affected the livelihood of the locals and the tourism industry. Set your Boracay trip expectations accordingly. We all have to follow the new rules until we are all safe from getting or spreading the Covid-19 virus. 

As long as you follow the guidelines of the local tourism agencies, you'll prevent the spread of Covid-19. Enjoy your trip to Boracay!

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