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Dining Out at UNWND Cafe and WYP

The pandemic has made it difficult to enjoy some of the things we have grown accustomed to doing such as dining and hanging out. Rules have relaxed and people are allowed to go out, eat out and hang out as long as establishments (and guests/diners) follow health protocols. Just to break my routine the last several months, I made my way to a newly opened hostel and restaurant in Poblacion, Makati.

sign inside hostel


UNWND is a hostel with facilities that give it an edge over others in the area. It has a Jacuzzi, spa and gym just to name a few. However, this post is about the food they serve. Chef Gino Limjoco is the head chef of UNWND and WYP Dining. He designed the menu and made sure the dishes are first-rate.

You can check out my review of the hostel here: staying at UNWND Hostel 


Gambas Aljillo

One of the dishes served was the Gambas Aljillo. I like shrimp so I found it delicious with the right mix of spiciness and flavor. The serving was huge enough for two people, but I didn't mind eating the whole thing by myself.

Price: P295

Lechon Kawali

I loved the Lechon Kawali was my favorite of the food served for dinner. The skin and fat were crisp and the meat tender. I savored each bite. The vegetables that came with it added to the flavor of the dish.

Price: P315

WYP Delight

The WYP Delight was one of the specialty cocktails served at the rooftop restaurant.

Price: P450

Orange Smoothie

The rooftop restaurant also served healthy drinks and smoothies such as the Ooohrange Smoothie. This concoction is a mix of orange, carrot, apple and cilantro. The ingredients used are all natural. It's definitely better than the usual fruit juice or smoothie that is often full of sugar with little to no fruits in them.

Price: P420


The hostel also serves breakfast for walk-ins and those who spend the night there. You have a decent number of choices of what to eat, which is a definite upgrade from the hostels I've stayed in here in the Philipines or in other countries. They don't scrimp on the servings, which is a plus for me. Meals are around P200+++, but come with the room, if you spend the night. 

Dining Ambiance

UNWND adds value to your dining experience because of the ambiance. The rooftop area has a chill vibe where you can eat, drink and hang out with friends. You also have views of Makati's cityscape from there. There is also a dining area in the reception, if the rooftop is already full.

WYP Dining

Not too far from the hostel is UNWND's restaurant, WYP Dining. 


Torta Cubana

The Torta Cubana is one huge sandwich you can share with three to four people. It has various meats, veggies and cheese with a side of potato chips. 

Price: P750

Billionaire's Bacon

The Billionaire's Bacon (in short) was delicious. It's sweet with a bit of tangy taste to it. You don't need rice to enjoy eating this.

Price: P220

WYP Dining also served cocktails, this one was called "Filipino Summer."

Price: P380

Dining Ambiance

Restaurant and bar

Restaurant and bar

The restaurant has only been open for a few weeks when I visited, and it was a Sunday so there were only a few people. However, I could imagine the place packed once rules are relaxed and when people feel safe enough to hit the bars and restaurants in Poblacion, Makati again.


Here's a quick look at WYP's menu if you're interested to check the place out.

Health Protocols

UNWND Cafe and WYP Dining follow strict health protocols. There is a maximum number of allowed diners. You'll have to make a reservation to stay at UNWND's rooftop area. You'll also have to fill out a health form and have your temperature checked before entering. The staff regularly sanitizes common areas and wear face mask and shield when interacting with diners and visitors.

Would I recommend both establishments?

Yes I would. The food and drinks are pricey, but you get what you pay for. The ambiance of the rooftop area might be enough to convince people to visit and just hang out while eating and drinking. WYP Dining also has delicious food and a nice vibe that make it a worthwhile visit.

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