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My Favorite Destinations in Japan

Japan is an all-time favorite destination for me. I've visited the country many times and is eager to return once the pandemic is over. It's so easy to go anywhere, the food is good (despite its high price), it's safe, the attractions are interesting and a lot of other reasons to visit.

Kyoto The Wandering Juan

Here are my favorite destinations in Japan.


Tokyo The Wandering Juan

Tokyo is a bustling city that has everything I want such as good food, plenty of attractions, easy to get around, and plenty of shopping centers for various things. There's a lot to do from morning until night. It is also a great hub for day trips such as Mt. Fuji, Kamakura and Nikko just to name a few. It's an expensive city, but it's definitely a place I'd keep returning to. 

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Kyoto The Wandering Juan

Kyoto is a personal favorite because of its rich history. Some ancient neighborhoods and temples were maintained and restored to keep their distinct lost-in-time atmosphere. You'll also see plenty of people (whether tourists or locals) wearing kimonos to fully immerse in the past meets present vibe of Kyoto. It's always busy during peak hours, but towards late afternoon or at night, it's nice to walk around the almost empty alleys that take you back to ancient Japan. 

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Matsumoto The Wandering Juan

Matsumoto is a laid back city that is near the mountains. I went here to see the beautiful castle and go on a day trip to nearby Kamikochi. It doesn't have many attractions like the other places on this list, but it made a good impression on me because of its laid back vibe.

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Osaka The Wandering Juan

Osaka is on the list because of its food and shopping centers. There are plenty of restaurants (big and small) and food stalls to sample all the tasty treats that Japan's kitchen has to offer. Must-easts include takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and kushikatsu just to name a few. There are also several shops where you can buy clothes, shoes, gadgets, trinkets and others. 

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Himeji The Wandering Juan

The biggest draw of Himeji for me is the castle. Himeji Castle is the most impressive in Japan (in my opinion). It's worth a half-day trip from Osaka. The beautiful white exterior made me stop and stare.

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Nagasaki The Wandering Juan

Nagasaki was one of the cities where the Americans dropped an atom bomb. Fast forward to several decades after World War 2, the city has fully recovered. However, there are museums and monuments that remind people the perils of war and the use of nuclear weapons. Other than these, Nagasaki has plenty to offer tourists. I enjoyed the viewpoint overlooking the city at night (it's considered one of the best in the country). Nagasaki is (and was) a thriving port and industrial city that played an important role in the development of Japan and its opening to foreigners more than a century ago. 

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Narai The Wandering Juan

This small post town is picturesque with rows of wooden houses that look like they were lost in time. Japan had post towns along the route between big cities such as Edo and Kyoto during ancient times. These were stopovers where they can eat and rest for all sorts of travelers. It's not a huge area and is easy to walk around in. You can go as a day trip from either Nagoya or Matsumoto.

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What are your favorite destinations in Japan?

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