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Tips on Entertaining Kids during a Flight

Traveling with your kids is a fun experience that they’ll cherish even when they’re adults. They’ll remember the good times you shared as a family whether it’s in a new city or by the beach. However, they can get bored or restless during a flight from city to city. 

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There are ways to keep them entertained throughout the flight.

Give them Something to Read

Consider bringing a book for your upcoming flight. A book triggers the imagination of your child while improving their comprehension skills as well. This keeps their attention glued to the pages while you travel from one city to another. If you have a young child, bring a book with plenty of pictures in it. If they’re older, you can bring any of their favorite books for your trip.

Play an Online Game

If your airline offers onboard Wi-Fi (whether it’s free or pay a fee), you can let your child play an online game. A simple game like Treze Coins can keep their attention while traveling. It’s a simple game wherein a player adds coins to put into a gumball machine. It also teaches them a bit about the value of money and simple math such as addition. You can find other games to play at mortgagecalculator.org/money-games/ for kids of various ages. 

Pack Coloring Books

Bring some coloring books, crayons, and colored pencils for your child for the plane ride. This activity not only keeps them occupied, but also gets their creative juices flowing. Your child can spend minutes or hours drawing and coloring. The time will fly by quickly when they’re having fun. Bring enough coloring and drawing books for the estimated duration of your flight. An alternative is to have similar activities on your smartphone or iPad.

Buy or Bring a Snack

Some children are picky eaters and won’t eat what the flight attendants serve, or food offered during the flight. Prevent them from getting cranky by bringing their favorite snacks and drinks. They can eat these before take-off, during the flight, and just before landing. Eating and drinking might reduce the ear pressure they experience during take-off and landing. 

Watch a Movie

Download your child’s favorite film on your phone or tablet for the flight. If you’re on a long-haul flight, you can look for child-friendly movies. This keeps them entertained until the plane lands. Bring enough movies for the duration of the flight if the one they watch finishes early. You might want to bring or buy some popcorn, and their favorite snacks and drinks.

Play their Favorite Songs

Your child might be into music, make sure to download or stream their favorite songs for the hours long flight. They can listen to the songs on repeat or on a playlist. They can listen to music while doing other activities such as reading, drawing, or working on an activity book. This allows you to hit several birds with one stone.

Keep them Comfortable

Prepare your child for the flight before boarding the plane. Make sure they wear light and comfortable clothing so they’re not restless or agitated. If you’re traveling at night, put on their pajamas with shoes they can easily slip on or off. Prepare their seat by readying the blanket and putting the pillow in a position comfortable for them. Once they’re all set, they might even fall asleep immediately during the plane ride.

Bring a Few Toys

If your child gets tired of looking at a screen or reading a book, bringing a few of their portable toys might keep them busy during a flight. Pack a few of your child’s favorite toys. Ask them which ones they would like to bring. Put these in your carry-on bags so you can bring them with you when you board the plane.

Give them the Window Seat

Children are curious and excited. They might want to see the clouds (and the shapes they can take) and the sunrise or sunset whenever they’re on a plane. Give them the window seat; the idea of the things they’ll see outside the window will keep them occupied for some time. 

These are just some of the things you can do to keep your child entertained and occupied during a flight. A flight can be exhausting, especially if your child becomes restless and irritable. However, you can make the trip to your destination pleasant for everyone by planning and preparing things your child can do.

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