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Travel Guide Budget and Itinerary for Brussels

I didn't visit Brussels during my first few trips to Europe. I finally got the chance to go and was eager to see what the city had to offer even if I was only staying for a few days.

Brussels The Wandering Juan

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and is home to some noteworthy attractions for visitors.

Travel Guide Budget and Itinerary for Brussels

The capital of Belgium is a cultural, financial, political, and economic hub in Europe. The city is home to many museums and historic buildings, monuments, and attractions that make it a popular tourist destination. It is also home to many European Union institutions.

Getting a Visa

A Schengen visa enables you to enter the region including Belgium. The latter is part of the Schengen agreement. You can get a visa from any of the Schengen member countries. I got my visas from Austria, Czechia, and Poland. The requirements are similar regardless of the embassy you apply in.

Here's a guide on how I got my visa: how to get a Schengen visa

How to Get to Brussels

Brussels is a major city in Europe. It's easy to get into and out of the city.

By Plane

Many flights travel to Brussels Airport or Charleroi Airport. Brussels airport is the closest to the city center. It's also convenient to leave the airport by train. You can take the train to Brussels North, Central, and Midi Station from the airport. The fare is around €8.60 to €14.80. 

If you arrive at Charleroi Airport, the most convenient way to reach Brussels is by bus. I took the Flibco bus for around €16.60 one way. You can buy a ticket from their website for less hassle https://www.flibco.com/en. This airport is far from the city center. If you arrive here, you'll have to add at least one hour as a buffer for your flight.

By Train or Bus

The most affordable way to get into Brussels is by bus from nearby cities. I almost always tak Flixbus while traveling around Europe. You can book through their website: www.flixbus.com.


You can also travel to to Brussels by train. You can check their official website here: https://www.belgiantrain.be/en.

Things to do in Brussels

Brussels has attractions that can keep you occupied for a couple of days during your trip around Europe. The Belgian capital is a popular addition to itineraries because of its proximity to Paris and Amsterdam. You'll find beautiful architecture, delectable waffles, museums, and art galleries during your trip.

Grote Markt (Grand Palace)

Brussels The Wandering Juan

Brussels The Wandering Juan

The Grand Palace is the city's main plaza and is most popular. The walk towards the plaza showcases some of the city's most beautiful architecture. Once you reach this area, it's beautiful buildings will immediately grab your attention. The Grand Palace dates to the 11th century and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since the late 1990s. 

Entrance fee: €15 Town Hall

Mannekin Pis

Brussels The Wandering Juan

This statue of a little boy pissing is one of the most famous landmarks of Brussels. Many tourists make their way to this part of the city just to see the statue and snap a few photos. The statue is centuries old and you might see it in various costumes throughout the year.

Saint-Michel Cathedral

Brussels The Wandering Juan

This Gothic church is dedicated to Brussels' patron saints, namely St. Gudula and St. Michael. Inside you'll find elaborate stained glass windows. The church has undergone many restorations and modifications throughout the centuries.

Royal Palace

Brussels The Wandering Juan

The Royal Palace is the official residence of Belgium's royal family. There are free tours from July to August (check dates).

Mont des Arts

Brussels The Wandering Juan

The modern Mont des Arts was built in the 1950s with a garden and imposing buildings around it, but the area itself has been inhabited and has undergone several construction projects over the centuries. You can get views of the lower city while you're here. Some of the notable buildings here are the Royal Library of Belgium and Congress Palace of Brussels.

Notre-Dame du Sablon

Brussels The Wandering Juan

This historic monument in Brussels dates to the 15th century. The city's wealthy citizens and nobility were the main patrons of this church dedicated to Our Lady of the Sablon. It combines architectural Neo-Gothic, Brabantine Gothic, and Baroque influences. 

Royal Gallery Saint-Hubert

Brussels The Wandering Juan

This beautiful shopping arcade opened to shoppers in 1847. Jean-Pierre Cluysenaer (a Belgian architect) designed this complex. There's plenty of shops where you can buy all sorts of things when you pass through.

Try Belgian Waffles!

Brussels The Wandering Juan

You can't leave Belgium without trying the waffles and chocolate (or both in one serving). You can choose from a variety of toppings for the waffle you purchase. You can settle for the plain one, I have a sweet tooth so I chose one with whipped cream, cookies, and chocolate (yum!).

Other places you might be interested in visiting include:

  • Belgian Royal Museum of Fine Arts
  • Atomium
  • Coudenberg Palace Archaeological Site
  • Museums of Parc du Cinquantenaire
  • Chateau Royal
  • Basilique Nationale du Sacré Coeur

Day Trips

The city's central location makes it easy to go on day trips to complete your budget and itinerary for Brussels


Bruges The Wandering Juan

Bruges is one of the most popular day trip destinations from Brussels. It's historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There aremany beautiful buildings, quaint streets, and picturesque views in Bruges. However, it tends to get crowded during peak visitor hours (middle of the day until the afternoon). Don't let the crowds turn you off from visiting though because Bruges is lovely. 

Bruges is also a convenient destination to visit by public transportation. You can take the bus or train. I took the train and got a discounted weekend ticket during my visit. 


Amsterdam The Wandering Juan

It's possible to spend just one day in Amsterdam as a day trip from Brussels. Start as early as possible to maximize your stay and get to see some of the Dutch capital's highlights. You could visit one museum, walk or bike around the city center, go on a cruise, and other things to do. If you want to save some money, I would suggest taking the bus instead of the train. Flixbus has regular trips to Amsterdam from Brussels.

Read my post here: budget and itinerary for Amsterdam

Getting around Brussels

Brussels is a small city with many of its attractions within walking distance to each other. It's easy to just walk everywhere if you have the time and energy to do so. The city also has efficient public transportation that gets you from point A to point B. You can take the metro, tram, or bus whenever you're in the city. You can purchase paper tickets or a reloadable MOBIB card. A one-way ticket costs €2.40, 10 trips cost €16.80, and a day pass costs €8.40. Prices are subject to change.

Where to Stay in Brussels

Brussels isn't a cheap city to stay in, but you can still find good value accommodation for any budget. I usually stay in dorms because their the cheapest option. However, you can find all sorts of accommodation in the city.I often book through www.booking.com.

Budget for Brussels

Brussels The Wandering Juan

Brussels is an expensive city but still manageable. A Brussels on a budget trip will roughly cost €85 a day. This covers a bed in a dorm room, occasional meal in an affordable restaurant or fast-food place (once a day), one paid attraction, day trip to Bruges, grocery food, taking public transportation, and mostly free activities. It's possible to go as low as €65 a day if you stick to the basics and essentials. You'll spend more if you drink often or dine out most of your meals and enter museums. Sky's the limit if you want to go on a luxurious spending spree during your trip.

Itinerary for Brussels

Here's a sample itinerary:

Day 1

Grand Palace

Mannekin Pis

Saint-Michel Cathedral

Royal Palce

Mont des Arts

Notre-Dame du Sablon

Day 2

Day trip to Bruges

Day 3


Basilique Nationale du Sacré Coeur

Parc du Cinquantenaire

This is just a sample itinerary for Brussels. You can add or remove places based on your interests. There are other interesting cities you can visit from Brussels such as Ghent and Antwerp, if you have the time. It's also possible to go on a day trip to Amsterdam during your stay.


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