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Where to Store Luggage in Barcelona?

Barcelona The Wandering Juan

On your last day in Barcelona, you might want to do some last-minute shopping or sightseeing. It's a hassle (and quite stressful) to carry all your things with you while walking around the city. Fortunately, you have options when it comes to storing your luggage.

Where to store your luggage in Barcelona?

Barcelona The Wandering Juan

You must be wondering where you can store your bags while exploring Barcelona. These are some of the options you can consider.

Your Accommodation

Some properties have a luggage room where guests can leave their things after checking out. This is a convenient option for many travelers who have spare time and want to see more attractions, eat out, or shop before leaving a city. They might provide you with free luggage storage or charge a fee. However, some places don't provide this option and you'll have to take your things with you once you check out. Your accommodation might also be too far from public transportation that travels to the airport, train station, or bus station. You might have to rush back to get your things to make it in time for your bus, train, or flight.

Luggage Storage Facilities

Another option to consider is luggage storage facilities like Nannybag. They have a conveniently located Barcelona Sants luggage storage facility where you can keep your things while exploring the city. You can visit their site and book a timeslot. Once you've chosen a timeslot, head to the address and drop your bags. They offer the same price regardless of the size of your bags. They cover up to an amount of €1000 in case of loss, damage, or theft among others. They don't just give luggage to anyone making a claim. They check IDs and reservations to make sure your baggage is safe and secure. 

At the Airport

This option applies to travelers who have a long layover in Barcelona. You can leave your bags in either Terminal 1 or 2. The rates are different if you plan to store your bags for longer than two hours. You pay more for a longer storage time. You have to account for the time it takes to get to the city center or the attractions you want to see and return to the airport to claim your things. You'll definitely have to pay more for luggage storage if you plan to visit the city. Rates are also different for regular sized bags and oversized luggage.  

Bus Station

The bus station is another option at your disposal if you're looking for a place to leave your luggage while exploring the city. Estacion del Nord Bus Station has lockers visitors can use. The rates are different for a small and big locker. So, you might have to rent separate lockers if you want to store multiple bags. The location of the station is central, which makes it easy for you to visit some of the city's famous attractions.

Train Station

The train station has lockers where you can store your bags while doing some last-minute shopping and/or exploring. Prices vary for a small and big locker. Again, you might have to rent two lockers if you're carrying a lot of things. The train station is also quite far from some of the city's major attractions. Factor the distance in and the hours you have left in the city when you plan your day.

Barcelona The Wandering Juan

Barcelona is a city worth staying a bit longer in just to soak in the atmosphere, shop, eat, or revisit its attractions. You have some options when it comes to storing your luggage. Choose an option that's convenient for you and the hours you can spend in the city.

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