Conquering Mountains: Mt. Batulao

After climbing/trekking the trail up to Mt. Pico de Loro, I couldn't resist climbing another mountain. This time around I decided to climb Mt. Batulao in Batangas. It was fairly easy to get to Mt. Batulao. My friend and I met in Taft McDonald's where the buses that went straight to the drop off point were stationed. Look for the bus that went to Nasugbu and passes by Tagytay. The conductor knew where we were going upon first glance, based on what we were wearing, and told us that the bus stopped by the drop-off point of Mt. Batulao. The bus made it a whole lot easier for us to get there. The fare cost P106 one way and the tricycle ride to the start of the trek was P50 one way.

Mt. Batulao
At the start of the trek, we were bombarded with a sea of green and rolling hills. The rolling hills are a sight to behold. The sight of the hills made us want to conquer each peak from where we stood. My friend and I decided to do a traverse from the old trail to the new trail.

Mt. Batulao

Our awesome guide
Our guide was one of many kid guides that offered their services to eager mountaineers. We decided to pay him P300 for his services. To his merit he knew the trails so well he told us that he makes 3-4 trips up and down the mountain whenever mountaineers hired him. Didn't think that becoming a guide was such a lucrative summer or weekend job!

Base Camp

We had to register at camp 1 of the old trail before we can proceed. The fee was if I'm not mistaken was P20, and you have to pay another P20 when you pass by the new trail on your way down this traverse. 

The rock formations are also a sight to see when you go up Mt. Batulao. 

You have to climb this very steep rock surface when you pass by the old trail on your way to the summit. There is a rope that you can use, although our guide simply just ran up this surface as he waited for us.

Finally, camp 10 --- the summit!

Reaching for the sky. 

There is something about conquering mountains that makes you feel like you're on top of the world. 

On the way down you will be greeted with lots of green and rolling hills. We took a lot of stops on our way up and down, and we also got to meet several hikers and campers who decided to spend the night in Mt. Batulao. I can honestly say that Mt. Batulao's trail is easier compared to Pinatubo and Pico de Loro. The trail is more manageable even for beginners.

Here's a breakdown of expenses going up Mt. Batulao:

P212 for the bus fare going back and forth
P150 each for the guide (we paid the guide P300)
P50 each for the trike
P40 for the fees on the new and old trail
Total: approximately P460 



  1. wow, amazing place , very peaceful.I wonder how it feels to have a house on top of the mountain.

  2. Climbing a mountain must really feel good as many are into it. Hope I will have my chance.

  3. love all the photos! my fave is the one with you standing with the sun! looks pinteresting and inspirational! quotes nlng kulang. Admired those people who works as a guide for mountains they get a lot of exercise for sure! xx

  4. I want to climb this one just to get to see Pico de Loro from the top. The view must really be breathtaking.

  5. Mountain climbing is a very fulfilling adventure especially if you reach the top. I experience climbing two mountains - one in Sto. Tomas Benguet and in Antipolo.

  6. Cool place to trek. I love to go here and do a photoshoot. I will surely enjoy this place. :)

  7. PHp 460 for that amazing experience? It's good - for you. Haha I am not into climbing mountains so I'd rather buy food or something for my family. heehee

  8. I'm not really good in climbing mountains.
    I have difficulty getting good balance and I cannot trek going down.

  9. wow.. it seems likable to do your soul searching in here.. in an affordable price. hehe

  10. Wow, beautiful mountain peaks. Sana makita ko rin ito :)

  11. wow! lovely!!! this is near my place... i suddenly miss my place and it's always a joy stumbling on it and reading other people's experience :)

  12. Galing! Hope I can do that too! So far, the only mountain I was able to climb or trek is the one in my province in the island of Tablas. There is this Mt. Guiting-guiting but I think I can never do it. Super taas at jagged ang edge pati eh.

  13. This is just near our place but I've never been up here yet. Climbing mountains is a real great summer escapade.

  14. OMG! ..this must have been an exciting adventure...I think hiking on a mountain is an experience of a lifetime , and it doesn't look scary like the other mountain trails. It's nice to be with somebody special and sing " Top of the World " haha..

  15. You are conquering the world! This is really a great adventure. a Ph300 fee for a guide is cool. How many hours did you spend in all?

  16. @Earl Pablo: probably 7-8 hours including the travel time to get to Batangas and back to Manila.

  17. Honestly, bilib ako sa bata ha! Ganyan yung mga resourceful, may future siya sa pagiging entrepreneur! :)

  18. What a beautiful site. Something about the mountains and greenery where the morning sun is not scorching hot but a warm glow that touches your skin. For me those are one of the best ways to greet the day.

  19. i guess it's satisfying to conquer something... i had my mount apo climb once and it felt heavenly. Yahweh bless.

  20. Love the photo of the tree! So meaningful and distinctive.

  21. Fair deal for a fun experience. you did qonquer this mountain. Kitang-kita sa mga photos.

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