The Conquest of Mt. Pinatubo

There was something about hiking and conquering mountains that urged me to give Mt. Pinatubo a shot. Although it is not an ideal hike for first time hikers, my friends and I decided to tackle this adventure. I found this deal on Ensogo and started to buy vouchers for friends.

The journey to Mt. Pinatubo was a loooooonnnnnngggggg one. The drive to the jump-off point was somewhere around 2-3 hours. After the long drive to the jump-off point, we rode 4x4s to the start of the trail.

4x4 Ride

The 4x4 ride was alright. It was bumpy but the sights to the trail (yes, the trail was still far off) were awesome! The lahar drenched landmarks gave the place a distinct look. Nature's wrath can bring out the beauty in a place in the strangest of ways. The 4x4 ride took somewhere between 40-50 minutes.

That feeling after a long and arduous ride

After almost an hour, we finally got to the start of the trek to the crater. The trail was crazy to say the least. Rocks everywhere, lahar, streams, sand, gravel, and whatnot.

Another arduous journey after an arduous ride
As if the rocks, sand, streams, lahar, and whatnot were not enough, the scorching sun blazed down on us. The Pinatubo trail did not have any trees for shade. After the lahar filled trail, we started going up the mountain. The trail after the rocks and lahar turned into an uphill battle up a mountain. "What did we get into?" was the lingering feeling we all had. To top it all of, once we got to the lip of the crater that led to the lake there was a long flight of steep stairs. Our non-existent legs were about to give in but the sheer majesty of the crater lake will DEFINITELY hold anyone in awe.

Mt. Pinatubo Crater Lake

The World is Awesome!

Mt. Pinatubo Crater Lake

Photo courtesy of Nats Cacnio

We stayed at the crater for a good 2-3 hours before we started our descent. We took a dip in the lake which was surprisingly cool. You can opt to take the boat and boat around the crater lake for a fee, I forget the actual price but it was somewhere between P300-500 or maybe lower.

Some things to take note of:
  1. There is only one bathroom going up and down the mountain.
  2. Bring lots of water especially during the summer season. We went last April 2012. 
  3. Bring extra clothes.
  4. We spent approximately P1,800 each. We got a deal from Ensogo that costs approximately P990 for the 4x4 and environmental fees. The van with lunch (adobo) costs P800. 
Overall, Mt. Pinatubo is a great hike to kick start your hiking escapade. Just be prepared for the grueling hike up and down the mountain.



  1. when you took a dip, you had your clothes on?

  2. You really placed a photo that doesn't include me even if I was there during the trip, didn't you?

    Anyway, congrats on your travel blog dude. :)

  3. hindi ko napansin haha sorry nats :D

  4. ikaw pala yung kumuha nung pic na yun haha icredit ko :D

  5. When you say "loooooonnnnnngggggg," I'm kinda disheartened to experience the same. Haha. Your photo on a car was a nice shot. It shouts and freedom and success in your conquest.

  6. i just realized, i did not hear about Mt. Pinatubo until it created havoc and wiped out nearby towns :( then for so many years they dominated the news then get buried again by other headlines and seemed forgotten by many. making it into a hike site is what i call ingenuity by Filipinos. :) Must be good during colder weather i guess. And yeah another adventure to conquer for outdoorsy types :) Congrats!

  7. I was thinking of conquering Mt. Pinatubo too but after a trek in Tagaytay on a flat plain I lost my trekking buddy (he didn't want to do it again). So I have yet to find new trekking buddies before going through this adventure.

  8. what a nice barkada getaway.. pag may kids hindi advisable ang ganitong trip no?

  9. I like to visit Mt. Pinatubo. It has really has become a great attraction.

  10. @Mommy Pehpot: you can take your kids with you but be prepared for the sweltering heat and long hike.

  11. Love to visit Mt. Pinatubo since then, but my parents don't allow me even if I am old now and have 2 kids. Well I guess they're both afraid of what will be my fate with the mountain. Hehehehehe.

  12. Wow, This is one of my dreams to conquer any mountain. But I think I couldn't do ti anymore. :(

  13. Travelling as a hobby is truly an amazing one. It doesn't need to be expensive but what's important is the experience you'll share with the people you're with.

  14. if i will be given a chance to be in this breathtaking place. i wont waste any second to step my way forward. .. this would be a memorable one. .

  15. You did conquer Mt. Pinatubo, kitang-kita sa photo mo sa jeep. I've been there too, at talagang maganda ang crater nya.

  16. sound interesting place to visit. been hearing about Mt Pinatubo huge eruption on the 1990s from different channels (Discovery and History2)

  17. I've been seeing posts about conquering Mt. Pinatubo. I'm very much intrigued how beautiful Mt. Pinatubo is but I'm afraid that my asthma would kill me if I climb it. :(

  18. Mt Pinatubo is improving.I still remember when it erupts ,the whole Philippines was filled with ashes ad a lot of lost their properties. what a sad sight.

  19. I never knew Ensogo would have those vouchers. I should have bought them sooner.

  20. Looks like you guys have a great time and experience in there! Mt. Pinatubo indeed became a tourist and hiking spot for the locals and foreigners nowadays.

  21. Hi. Can i ask kung sino
    Po kinontak nio for the 4x4 ride? Thanks

  22. @riccia: we got a package so everything was arranged, you can try going there directly and ask, pinupuno kasi nila yung 4x4 bago umalis, have fun!

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