Catarman White Beach

After visiting Biri Island we went back to Catarman to spend the last few hours before the flight back to Manila. Catarman seems like any other province in the Philippines, laid back, friendly people, and sad to say, a lack of infrastructure. The airport looks awful, it looks like an old parking lot with its cracked walls, broken floors, and poor lighting. But despite ts misgivings, Catarman has a great beach wherein visitors can surf and just enjoy the beach.

I asked the cashier in one of the restaurants I ate in where my friend and I can go to, she said we can go to Fishville or White Beach, we decided to go to White Beach.

White Beach

White Beach

White Beach had a long stretch of fine sand, small islets, mangroves, and waves perfect for surfing. The beach had a laid back vibe with only a few huts for local day trippers. There are no restaurants there or any establishment for that matter.

White Beach

White Beach
 Surfers getting ready to ride the waves.

White Beach

White Beach was a gem indeed. The mangroves, islets, and rustic ambiance create an untouched spectacle. It seems like only the locals knew about this place.

White Beach in Catarman is a pretty good place to get away and surf. You can easily get to White Beach by riding a pedicab for P15, tell the driver you want to go to White Beach in UEP. There is also an entrance fee of P15 to get into the beach, and the beach is also a part of the campus of University of the East Philippines (UEP).

You can stay in SaSa Pension House (09167479962 and 09204763811) during your stay in Catarman, they offer rooms at P800 and up.



  1. I have heard of this place from a friend ... and they attested that the place is really a beauty .. now my feet is becoming itchy to hit the road and meet the locals and beautiful places of Catarman .

  2. I like how the mangroves merged with the beach in white beach. Nice attraction.

  3. This is the first time I heard about Catarman White Beach, Summer is really a fun time to indulge and go to the beach and unwind.

  4. White beach seems an isolated place in Catarman, isn't it? What else can be seen from white beach?

  5. Hoping I will be able to visit this place too and be able to appreciate its natural beauty =)

  6. @Gil: aside from surfing and beach bumming there really isn't much else to do :D

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