Sagada Chronicles: Kiltepan Peak and Sagada Weaving

On our last day in Sagada, we woke up early to view the sunrise from Kiltepan Peak. We woke up at 5am to make the trip to Kiltepan. The group ran into an Aussie couple looking for a ride to view the sunrise as well. Project Dora was nice enough to allow them to hitch a ride. The view from Kiltepan Peak was simply brilliant!

View of rice terraces from Kiltepan Peak
View of rice terraces from Kiltepan Peak
The sun picked a bad time to be shy and just hid behind the clouds during sunrise but nonetheless the view was still great.

Kiltepan Peak Sunrise
Kiltepan Peak Sunrise
Cai Abbass of Project Dora

After viewing the magnificent sunset we were able to make new friends from Australia, Rob and Kaitlin.

Project Dora
The adventurous Aussies went straight to Sagada from the airport just so they could enjoy what the locals had to offer.

We headed out to eat our last meal in Sagada in Kimchi Restaurant and visited Sagada Weaving to see the intricate and detailed handiwork of the locals.

We weren't able to catch any of the weavers since it was a Sunday but we were still able to view the weaving devices, the daughter of the owner was nice enough to show us around. Sagada Weaving has been around since the 1960's and is the first store of its kind. The weavers normally make 2 to 3 meters of cloth in an 8 hour work day. The intricate design and attention to detail makes the process of weaving painstakingly slow. The weavers also do not like being photographed, so if you want to have a picture with them you should ask permission first. Many have opened their own weaving stores but nothing beats the original. After packing our bags, we headed for home but not until we made a side trip to the famed Banaue Rice Terraces. 



  1. gusto tlaga ako magpunta dyan huh sana this year .

  2. I'm so envious right now. Seeing those photos reminds me that I should visit to see this place. I'm worried about the distance and time because it's too far and the road going there is crooked and steep which is quite dangerous.

  3. Sagada is still in my bucket list. Would really love to see the cave, the culture and the terraces.

  4. Oh, the majestic Sagada! The temperature is I guess like in Baguio, but this one should be a must-try... with all those wonderful sight!

  5. Sagada offers cool weather and great scenery. I would like also to see the locals do their weaving magic. Hayz, hope I can visit the place this year.

  6. Like Franc, I've also never been to Sagada. I've frequented Baguio, but never really tried doing a side trip to Sagada. By the way, how much was the Project Dora tour per pax?

  7. @Mai: the Project Dora trip costs P4,999 includes some meals, tours, guides, accommodations, and private transpo from MNL to Sagada and back. It's a bit more expensive because we went during the bonfire festival and had a buffet meal during the actual festival and in one of the restaurants.

  8. How is the road going to Sagada? I really wanted to travel to Sagada with my family but news about landslide in the area hinders me.

  9. @Karen: the roads were properly paved but still rather dangerous as the buses that ply that route drive like crazy and there's hardly any railing. The roads swerve a lot also.

  10. love to witness how to sagada weave those lovely patterns! truly fashionable for me because of the prints and how the natives gives all their best in every clothing xx

  11. Uggh, I want to climb a mountain too! I should have accompanied my tita who just went to Sagada!

  12. I've never been to Sagada! Lovely view there from Kiltepan Peak. How long did it take you to reach the top?

  13. Kiltepan sunrise viewing is what we missed when we visited Sagada a few years back. We wanted to go but we were are all aching after doing cave connection the other day. I truly missed Sagada and the lemon pie and yoghurt and fresh veggies :)

  14. I've been to Sagada last month and I soo love the experience. I wish I had more time to stay there. But I will definitely go back. Hopefully, soon. haha!

  15. I have been wanting to go and visit Sagada for a personal retreat. Sigh, these pictures say all the beauty of its nature.

  16. @erika: we drove to the place, it really wasn't much of a hike took like 5 minutes haha

  17. Id been to Sagada but not in Kiltepan Peak and have no time to see Sagada Weaving.. sad.. anyway seems you enjoyed your trip well and gained new friends which the best part of traveling ...

  18. A LOT of people have posted Sagada-trip photos and I'm feeling a bit left out as I've never been to Sagada yet! :(

  19. Sagada is always on my plan-to-visit place but haven't done it yet. I would always like to visit places like this wherein I can possibly get to experience traditional cultures and eye-catching views.

  20. You were with Projext Dora on this..
    i bet its nice to travel with travel bloggers..
    I've signed up for their Mt Pinatubo, but it hadn't pushed thru..
    maybe sometime.
    Kiltepan is such a keeper, the sea of clouds that makes Mt Pulag famous is but a trekk on a hilltop in here

  21. Never been to that place. How sad, but I wish I can visit rice terraces soon enough.

  22. The place seems very unfamiliar to me... only the rice terraces make me feel at home. Is Sagada a place in the mountain province? Weaving caught my interest as it is noted in the mountain province.

  23. I've never been to Sagada. I would really love to see terraces! Hope to visit the place soon. :)

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