Snapshots Cambodia

If I were to describe my stay in Cambodia through photos these pictures would do the trick.

Cambodia the Kingdom of Wonder

"You never realize how small you are in the vast expanse of history until you sit down and think about it."

Angkor Wat
Banteay Srei

Angkor Wat

Chilling in Pre Rup

Beng Mealea's jungle ruins

Sunset in Angkor Wat by the lake
This sunset was better than the much ballyhoed Phnom Bakheng sunset. 

The Bayon's smiling faces

The encroaching trees in Ta Prohm

The maze-like ruins of Preah Khan

Ta Som
This girl sold postcards to visitors and surprised me when she spoke in three different languages. She first asked the tourists where they were from and when someone responds she starts talking in their language. She spoke Mandarin, Spanish, and English.

Ta Som
There were plenty of children roaming the tourist district of Siem Reap just to make ends meet. The contrast of what Cambodia was during ancient times, a rich civilization to a poverty stricken one, was on full display. With Cambodia's rich cultural past, I wouldn't be surprised if they begin their ascension from poverty in the near future.



  1. Cambodia. It is just few hours away from my place here in Thailand. Too bad that I have no time to visit this country because I have just few weeks left here in Thailand.

    It is sad to see Cambodians reduced to poverty. Theirs is a great culture and Angkor Wat is a testament to that. Too bad that Polpot and his minions came. He caused a lot pain to the people of Cambodia.

  2. Great shots of Cambodia. Seeing Siem Reap photos and being there twice still amazes me at how ancient civilization came up with these temples.

  3. The regime of Polpot has caused a lot of pain for the Cambodians instead of going up they went downhill.

  4. Great Collection bro !! It will sure Help people who are really interested in archeology :) Thanks !! KEep Posting !! :)

  5. I found the kids there really entertaining (sometimes annoying). They'd ask you where you're from and then they'll give you your country's capital. Galing din mag English haha One girl even exchanged her dangling earrings with mine. I look forward to going back there!

  6. They are really catching up fast with other countries now and I'm sure will do even better in a few years.

  7. Nice take on Cambodia. I hope I could have my turn going there someday. :D

  8. It will be a trip full of heritage sites in Cambodia.
    The girl can be a tourist guide soon because she can speak various language.

  9. I feel like I visited the place because of this beautiful series of pictures.

  10. I love to visit Cambodia someday especially to witness the sunrise in Angkor Wat as well with the historical walking tour in the temples of Angkor Wat and Siem Reap. Magnificent photos!

  11. Majestic and mystical Agkor Wat. It would be a great experience for me if marating ko rin yan.

  12. those shots are amazing! passing this to my husband. we'd love to visit this place anytime soon! xx

  13. I like how you made the color RED pop-out in some of your photos, Cambodia is a place i would consider traveling.

  14. The ruins of the old Kingdom of Cambodia and it's construction feat are reasons that we'll visit this place. You capture great photos there.

  15. Now, I feel my regrets. I was in HCMC for like 4 days. I was supposed to do a 2-day trip there. But failed to pursue it. If there's a seat sale bound for SR this summer, I'd take it!

  16. Great pictures, definitely beautiful. I love seeing historical sites, thank you for posting this. :)

  17. This is amazing. I'm not really much of a traveller. I only travel often for work. But I guess Cambodia deserves to be visited. :D

  18. I love the photo of the jungle ruins! Sobrang ganda. Wish I could also come and see all these beautiful places in Cambodia!

  19. Ah! Cambodia. the land of stunning temples and of course, Pol Pot. The country has a very rich history, although tragic at some point. If I will be given a chance to go there, I'll do exactly what you did. Thanks for sharing.

  20. pwede malaman kung anung cam ang gamit mo in taking those beautiful pics?

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