Top Temples in Siem Reap

The main draw of Siem Reap is the temples from its ancient past. There are plenty of temples to go to, but for travelers who are on a short stay or are on a tight budget you don't have to see all of them. Here is my biased list of top temples in Siem Reap:

The Bayon's many smiling faces provides a mysterious atmosphere. Despite the droves of tourists visiting this temple, it is still a worthwhile visit. The Bayon is located in the Angkor Thom complex, and is best visited late in the afternoon or early morning to avoid the crowds.

Banteay Srei
Banteay Srei is the most intricately crafted temple among all of the ruins. Despite its small size, it manages to inspire awe. It must've taken a high level of skill to carve these designs on the sandstone.
Preah Khan
Preah Khan is one of my favorite temples in Siem Reap. There aren't a lot of people visiting this temple which makes it perfect to wander in. Get lost in its maze-like structure and history behind its ruinous state.


Beng Mealea

Beng Mealea
The second temple on my list is Beng Mealea. Beng has a romantic atmosphere with its chaotic display of ruins and vegetation. The mossy blocks of stone and the roots piercing through the ruins add more to its ambiance. This far-flung temple is also a famous tourist destination, make sure you visit early in the morning to avoid the crowds.


Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat
 This sunset was much better than the one I saw in Phnom Bakheng.

Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat is the best temple in Siem Reap because of its history, size, and significance. There are droves of tourists visiting this temple throughout the day. You can avoid the large crowds by going around the temple right after viewing the sunrise.

These are my top 5 temples in Siem Reap. I hope this list helps you create your own itinerary and save money during your visit to Siem Reap.



  1. I also like Ta Phrom with the combination of ancient temples and nature growing inside it.

  2. my personal favorite is Banteay Srei, I love the design it is so intricate. And yes I agree, I only had the chance to stay 2 nights in Siem Reap and glad that we were able to see all of these 5 temples you've mentioned and some more that are equally captivating.

  3. Banteay Srei is just amazing to look at! And I would like to know more the history of Angkor Wat by visiting the ruins and how it started. Time to give some space to my brain! :D

  4. I should visit Angkor Wat again to visit Beng Mealea. My two visits were more on the popular temples.

  5. I've always wanted to visit Angkor Wat! such a beautiful place! :) Never heard of Banteay Srei but it's my favorite photo from this post :)

  6. If I may ask, when is the best time to go there? Thanks! :)

  7. I'm not sure when is the best time but I went last January. They have the same weather as us so I'm assuming it's December to May.

  8. The magical Angkor Wat tops the lists, sad lang dahil most of these temples are in chaos.

  9. These temples are fascinating with all the walls still standing for hundreds of years already. Their historical importance will forever be engraved in every block of stone.

  10. I booked a flight here scheduled in Feb next year. So glad I found a reference for my future temple hopping :-)

  11. Although I haven't been there, Angkor Wat seems to be the most known among those mentioned here. I would like to see this myself, given the chance.

  12. The ruins still looks attracted to tourists. I really want to visit these temples especially the Angkor Watif given the chance and money.

  13. Wow!! Super nice. I've never been to angkor wat too.. But this is part of my to-go place this year. Whoah!

  14. those photos are incredible! i would totally love to visit this place very soon! or find sometime to be in this ezcapade with friend!

  15. It's really nice that you can travel a lot. I envy you. How I wish I can see all those temples and great places you've seen. :)I love your blog. :)

  16. Photos remind me of Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider.. These temples are truly fascinating.

  17. wow! these are really great attractions!. The Banteay Srei is very beautiful! the intricate details and the structure is very divine. :)

  18. I am always amazed by their structure.. very intricate details!!

  19. It's amazing to know a lot of heritage places have been preserved and well taken cared of like these.

  20. These temples look so beautiful. They're so intricate that I'm sure they'd look more amazing in person. Hopefully in the future I'll get to see them up close too :)

  21. I went to Siem Reap way back in 2007! All these temples, especially the Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm were amazing, with such a grand sense of history.

  22. I was really fascinated with the photos. this place looks something really historical and worth visiting. Never been there but I wish to in the future :)

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