Conquering Mountains: Mt. Manabu

My friends and I decided to take on another mountain during the weekend. Hiking has become a hobby of mine because of the excitement one feels after reaching the summit. We decided to take on Mt. Manabu in Batangas.

Mt. Manabu
Mt. Manabu stands 760 MASL and is a good climb for beginners because of its relatively easy trail. This time around my friends and I decided not to get a guide and go up and down the mountain ourselves. True enough the trail was easy to navigate and follow. There were 8 stations overall and the final assault up the summit was by far the challenging part of the climb, while the rest of the mountain was an easy trek and climb through the woods.

I liked the trail of Mt. Manabu because of the shade that the forest provided. It was unlike Mt. Batulao and Talamitam wherein there was little to no shade. Mt. Manabu was dubbed 'mataas na bundok' in short Manabu. This mountain is also a famous spot for camping, and Visita Iglesia because of the grotto and cross.

The mostly forested trail was a welcome relief from the heat.

The summit provided a spectacular view of the countryside and other mountains in the area.

Finally at the summit!

Conquering a mountain with good company.

How to get to Mt. Manabu

Ride a bus bound for Lipa at the Buendia terminal, get down or walk to Robinson's Mall then hire a tricycle to take you to the jump-off point in Sulok, Brgy. Sta. Cruz. 

Expenses for Mt. Manabu

P124 - Bus to Lipa
P100 - Hired tricycle to jump-off point and back to the bus terminal
P119 - Bus back to Manila
P20 - Entrance fee for Mt. Manabu                                                    
P363 - Excluding food and water during the ascent



  1. i guess this is such a nice hobby after all! getting all the things you wanted and be satisfied! Getting exercise hike with friends and a great experience and view is a must! great job for you and your company!

  2. When I'm done with running, my next activity would probably be mountain climbing. Great to see you conquer another mountain.

  3. I have friends who always hikes. I'm jealous, but I don't think I can manage the long walk. Any trail you can recommend for beginners?

  4. Nice trip ! I am wondering of doing the same when I visit Luzon next month . thanks for this guide :D

  5. @yhen: this mountain is perfect for beginners

  6. I wanted to try climbing a mountain someday. How many hours did it take you to reach the summit?

  7. @lily: around 2-3 hours but we were going at a leisurely pace haha

  8. wow ha.. for 363 pesos? I always wanted to do such activity pero walang opportunity, but this post fueled my interest :)

  9. Can those who have not experienced climbing or hiking mountains also go up? There are some mountains with difficult tracks that are not suitable for newbies.

  10. Nice photo at the cross as if you're floating on air. MASL stands for (meters above sea level), am I right? Browsing your photos, I find that the mountain is not 'kalbo' pa.

  11. @Roch: yes they can :D
    @Papeleng: yes it is meters above sea level

  12. If this one is for newbies, I should definitely try this one since it is also affordable according to your expenses list.

  13. I love adventure and travel pero mountain hiking ata weakness ko :) Opps 363 pesos???

  14. I really wished to do some hiking. i kept visiting your Mount Batulao experience but it is just disappointing that my friends are not that interested. Errrrr..

  15. This is onne of my favorite hobbies before. Reaching the peak makes me feel closer to heaven.

  16. this will be a great place for a summer adventure next year.

  17. We we're planning to go mountain climbing for sometime now but don't know where to start. Thanks for the info, it definitely helped us.

  18. Nice hike really good panoramic view at the top of Mt. Manabu. Great for summer adventure!

  19. seriously..?? for 363 pesos..?? this is really a great place!! hopefully I could visit this soon.. :)

  20. sir idols!pwede naman kahit walang guide diba?

  21. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us! A truly amazing experience up there huh!

  22. magkano na kaya bayad sa bus ngayon?

  23. @Rocky: ganun pa rin P124, last month lang naman kami pumunta haha

  24. ahh.thanks ser idols!last question na hehehe.ano ano kaya kelangan naming dalin?dalawa lang kami e.pasensya nga puro ko tanong ha.hehehe.thanks in advance ser idols!

  25. @Rocky: tubig lang at extra na damit, hindi kayo mawawala dun kasi may signs at mga tao kayo masasalubong hehe, pwede rin kayo magpaguide P300 yun balikan :D

  26. I haven't tried trekking and mountain climbing pa. Will definitely put this on my list since as you said, this is quite easy. So maybe it's a good start for newbies such as myself :)

  27. Every year in my area, lots of people go hiking long distances on some of the tallest mountains in the country. Others look for an appropriate hill and take a trek up there. However even the smaller hills can be quite exhausting.

    However far someone climbs, I think it feels good to accomplish the challenge. Working those muscles in your legs is not easy. If the weather is bad, it can be more challenging. I once hiked up a mountain on the hottest day in summer. Go figure.

  28. hi i just want to ask if how much po papuntang jumpoff??start sa lipa market..pls reply po asap..

  29. @Kathy: hindi ko lang alam kung magkano pero nung naghire kami ng tricycle P300 one way pero inaantay kami nung driver. nagstart kasi kami sa robinson's depende siguro kung gaano kalayo yun sa robinson's masmataas or masmababa yung price :D

  30. I think this is an easy climb! :-)

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