Halong Cruise Part 2

It was the second day of my cruise aboard the Victory Star and I was looking forward to the day's activities.

Halong Bay means 'Descending Dragon bay'. Legend has it that a dragon flew over Vietnam and protected its people from foreign invaders. It spread thousands of jewels into the bay which formed thousands of islets and islands.

I took some photos of the rock formations during the first light of dawn.There was a short tai chi class up on the sun deck which I was unable to participate in because I didn't know when it actually started. We were served a light breakfast before we headed out for the last activity aboard the Victory Star.

Thien Cung Dau Go Cave

We had to board another boat to get int the cave and the lagoon surrounded by towering rock formations.

It was only a short ride through the small cave.

There were a lot of towering rock formations surrounding the entrance to the small cave. After just a few minutes of sightseeing, we went back to the ship for a buffet brunch.

Halong Bay Rock Formations

While eating brunch, we were treated to several astounding rock formations along the bay.

This particular rock formation looked like a duck to me.

The rock formation on the right looked like a giant turtle sticking its head out.

This one looked like a bell.

The two pictures above show the features of a human head. The human head rock formation is one of the most popular rock formations on the bay.

There were several other rock formations along the bay, just use your imagination and the rocks will take the shape you want.

It was hard to say goodbye to Halong Bay. The stunning rock formations, exquisite meals, itinerary, and superb service aboard the Victory Star all made the experience worthwhile. 

The Journey Back to Hanoi City

The four hour ride back to the city gave me insight as to how Vietnam was. The countryside reminded me of the provinces back in the Philippines. Many Vietnamese worked the fields and sold crops. The primary industry in Vietnam is still agriculture. There were a lot of small and medium enterprises developing in the provinces.

Back in Hanoi

I got back to Hanoi in Little Hanoi Hostel by around 4 PM, so I had a lot of time to kill.

Hoan Kiem Lake
I decided to spend some time walking around Old Quarter and Hoan Kiem Lake, and get tickets for the water puppet show in Thang Long Water Puppet Theater.

Water Puppet Show

There were four shows throughout the day at four different times. I got to see the 6:30PM show, the ticket costs 100,000 VND ($5USD).

The water puppet show depicted the folklore of Vietnam and their daily life. The show was entertaining and perfect for kids. There was a screen that showed a translation of what the narrator was saying so that people who don't understand Vietnamese know what is happening.


The traditional music played during the show was good. I liked the traditional instruments used during the show it gave it a unique feel.



  1. Ha long bay looks like Palawan with more rock formation. It's such a refreshing site.

  2. I was really amazed with the rock formation. Very unusual place to explore with the steep and sloping sides of the mountain itself. Hope I can have a closer look itself.

  3. I agree with Franc that Halong is almost the same with Palawan when it comes to the limestone formations.

  4. omg wow one of my dreams is to ride a luxury cruise ship! =)

  5. It would be interesting also to see the water puppet show as its both educational and entertaining.

  6. I have never seen a water puppet show, must be quite entertaining. The magnificent rock formations are really quite interesting.

  7. I so love the water puppet show. It seems so very entertaining. Halong Bay does resembles those in Palawan. The place is so beautiful, I wish I could go there someday. About the rock formations, are there some that can be used in rock climbing?

  8. that looks like an interesting water puppet show

  9. @aileen: most of the rock formations can't be used for rock climbing hehe

  10. Looking at the rocks on the photos, I think that the legend saying that dragons have stayed in this destination can be a pretty reasonable one.

  11. It's limestone karst resembles that one in Palawan. It's really a spectacle view and no wonder it's listed on UNESCO heritage list.

  12. I'm also going to Hanoi next year and I just might consider your itinerary. Hehe. :) And the rock formations remind me of Coron! (P.S. The buffet looks promising.)

  13. Those are beautiful captures of the rocks.I`ve seen those sizes in the rocky mountain in Vancouver.

    Speaking of water puppet show, I`m so curious about it if what`s the real setting it.

  14. I will content staring at those amazing rock formations if ever I can visit Halong Bay.

  15. whoah! the rocks are really amazing. and theyve got amazing legend too. hehe.

  16. It's my first time to hear about this place in Vietnam. I only know their popular cities. I remember puerto princesa on the photos, the underground river, except for the cave is just short :)

  17. My imagination keeps on working as I look at the rock formations of various size and shape. I could see on them that they are like a human beings standing majestically with identify, well-being and authority for themselves. Very nice!

  18. Yun pala ibig sabihin ng Halong Bay (dragon). Ganda sa Vietnam. :)

  19. Oh my! Gusto ko na talagang pumunta dyan. We had some plans to visit the place last year tapos na-cancel because of our friend's major event. :(

  20. Great adventure you had there! Did you really came close to all those rock formation? how many are there?

  21. @ellen: there were too many rock formations to count.

  22. It looks like Coron! How do you compare Halong Bay to Coron?

  23. @shie: halong bay is bigger but has fewer activities compared to coron :D

  24. The place looks wonderful! Reminds me so much of Coron. And im sorry but one thing i really noticed was the photo with all those food. haha I must be hungry right now. LOL

  25. Wow! Such a beautiful sight really amazing! Wish I could go there too! :)

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