Bali's Spirituality

I have heard all the hype surrounding Bali, finally I got the chance to visit the 'Island of the Gods'.

Before I visited the beaches (aside from the beach near the hostel) in Bali, I met up with a fellow travel blogger to see the different temples in Bali.

Bali is definitely a very spiritual island. One can see plenty of offerings in front of houses, restaurants, shops, and other places. The Balinese also like to put sarongs around trees, rocks, and other inanimate objects. The Balinese were also a demure group of people, they don't seem to get angry much.

Taman Ayun

Taman Ayun was the first temple that we visited, it was quite far from the city but the view of the countryside was splendid. Taman Ayun means 'beautiful garden' and this temple does live up to its moniker because of the garden and design of the temples.

Taman Ayun was built in 1634 by the Raja of Mengwi, I Gusti Agung Putu. Walking around this temple gave me a sense of calm and serenity.

It looks like the ancestors of the Balinese liked cockfighting as exemplified by some of the displays in this temple.

My favorite part of Taman Ayun is the area displayed in the photos above. The towering Hindu temples made me think of ninjas flying through the air. People were not allowed to step inside this section, but viewing these temples from a distance was still worth it. 

I don't know if she was a caretaker or a worshiper, but there was one Balinese woman walking inside the complex and placing offerings inside the temple. There is a 15,000 IDR entrance fee for Taman Ayun.

Ulun Danu Temple

Our next stop was Ulun Danu Temple, I was fortunate enough to meet the new friends I made back in Yogyakarta. It just so happened they were also heading north.

Ulun Danu Temple was built in 1663, dedicated to the lake, water, and river goddess, Dewi Danu. This beautiful temple sits on the shores of Lake Bratan in Bedugul.

There is also a beautifully kept garden in the premises of the temple.

There were also other temples within the complex. I really liked the cold but not too cold weather of Bedugul. Bali has diverse weather because some parts are mountainous and some parts are filled with beaches. There is a 30,000 IDR entrance fee for Ulun Danu.


My travel blogger friend and I headed to Jatiluwih after another hour. The rice terraces were ok but nothing special.

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot was our last destination for the day. This impressive temple rests on a rock formation by the shore.

Droves of tourists and worshipers flock to Tanah Lot to take in the sights and place their offerings for the gods. There were other temples around Tanah Lot. The view of the shore and the gardens were also a nice mix. There is a 32,500 IDR entrance fee for Tanah Lot.

My friend and I just booked a car for the whole day to take us to these places, it cost us 200,000 IDR each. Getting to these places was not easy because of the distance between them, we ended up traveling 12 hours just to get to these four places and back to the hostel in Sanur.



  1. Wow! Those temples are amazing! And as you sad, you can really imagine some ninjas flying from one temple to other. hee hee

  2. Beautiful structures. something to look forward to when I get the chance to visit Bali

  3. I have been to Bali but not these temples. So nice. I like that Bali has its identifiable architectural touches that identify those temples as Indonesian.

  4. Those are such a wonderful creatures! I never been to Bali, but I am hoping to step there one day. I want to explores their culture and most of all the scenic spots.

  5. lovely photos! your travels, photos and stories about Indonesia makes me want to bring my family there :)

  6. The structure looks impressive in Bali aside from their beaches of course.

  7. Amazing temples with lots of different beautiful scenery. Lovely and very pleasant to stay there.

  8. Bali is impressive,, I want to visit that place soon and do my own take on Eat Pray and Love

  9. Tanah lot looks really mystical especially it's by the ocean.

  10. What a beautiful place with with beautiful temples. I hope to ee these temples one of this days.

  11. i've been to bali so many times alreayd but i've never had lots of those photo moments to share hehe never been to jakarta too. always in kuta bali where we enjoy beach and shopping and batam where we play golf because its more cheaper than SG. love all your photos!

  12. Yeah I know these people are very religious. In fact, my aunt has been there and she told us how everyone would stop even if traffic lights signal "go" in the middle of the road to pray at a certain time.

  13. Bali!!! this is one of my dream destination!! so in love with their architecture and rich culture..

  14. Amazing place it is! i am not a traveller but this is so awesome!!! planning to travel around the world after my 18th bday! :)

  15. Bali is awesome and the people there are on a higher spiritual level

  16. If given the chance to travel, this is one place I really would like to see.

  17. Indonesia is really one amazing place! So many beautiful scenes and love people too.. :)

  18. Nice structures! I wonder what does putting sarong to inanimate objects signify?

  19. That place makes me want to grab my passport, book my tickets and visit that place. May you travel more this 2014.

  20. Bali and it's sacred temples are amazingly beautiful! And the view in Tanah Lot is breathtaking.

  21. Very admirable Bali's faith especially its spirituality. Most of us really appreciate those temples amazingly.

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