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Thailand Trip Expenses

Thailand is a backpacker's haven because of the affordable accommodations, food, tours, and shopping. Here is a breakdown of the expenses I incurred during and before my trip to Thailand:

P7,500 - courtesy of Cebupacific promo fare including airport tax (Clark-Bangkok-Clark)
P450 - terminal fee (correct me if I'm wrong)
P400 - bus to Clark from Megamall (Philtranco)
P150 - bus from Clark to Quezon City
P50 - shuttle from Clark to Dau bus station
P970 - 1 night in Thong Ta Resort with roundtrip airport transfers and free breakfast
P1,225 - 2 nights in Nappark Hostel
P1,070 - Ayutthaya day tour with roundtrip transfers, elephant ride, and lunch
P920 - Damnoen Saduak Floating Market with 1 hour boat ride, Kanchanaburi, Bridge Over the River Kwai, Jeath War Museum, roundtrip transfers, and lunch 
P540 - entrance fee to the Grand Palace
P140 - entrance fee for Wat Po
P70 - entrance fee for Wat Arun 
P800 - food and water for 4 days 3 nights
P600 - transportation to destinations tuktuks, train rides, ferry rides, etc.
P250 - souvenirs

Approximate total: P14,985 or $370 for 4 days and 3 nights I know I could've gotten this trip for cheaper but this was the first ticket out of the country I bought, even if the trip was almost a year after the ticket purchase. As a noob traveler I still can't time the purchase of the airline tickets right. If I subtract the price of the ticket and only accounted for my stay there I only spent P6,450 including hotel accommodations and food. You can definitely beat this price if you know someone who lives there or is sharing the expenses with others. 

On a last note...

Thailand was awesome and I am surely planning a return in the future. I have yet to experience the Loy Krathnong Festival, dipped in any of the beaches, explored the forests and minorities of Chiang Mai, and a whole lot more places to visit, which gives me a lot of reasons to go back.

Old city in Bangkok was definitely one of the highlights it depicted what Bangkok was like before, now and its immense possibilities. The inherent contradictions and infinite possibilities make it a sight to behold. Thailand I already want to go back!

This ends the Wandering Juan's wandering in Thailand. Next stop Cambodia, January 2013.


  1. At least I have now an idea of my costing when I plan to go there. I like their culture anyway and I do see that you enjoyed your trip.

  2. Taking note of these budget when I get to visit Thailand. It was a well budgeted trip.

  3. Pretty cheap travel. Let me bookmark this post. I can use this for my future travel in Thailand. :) I want to go to Cambodia too! Yay!

  4. Ican never do this..
    I mean record all the expenses in a trip.
    Seems more of an effort,but perhaps just so.
    You can always look back and see how you've made it.

  5. Visiting Thailand is pretty cheap, eh? You just have to plan it ahead of time. The ticket prices could go up to 15k one way. I remember I had to go there in 2010 and booked the ticket 3 days before the flight and it went really high. I'm pretty sure you had fun there. Nice place, good food and friendly people.

  6. Your trip is being summarized by your breakdown of expenses and the way I see it... truly inexpensive if you are alone but with kids like me and a hubby, it may cost us quite a lot. How i wish, we have that much :(

  7. wow that's is indeed a cheap one though i havent been to the floating market will surely visit next time! xx

  8. Will save this expenses notes. Visiting SEA countries like Thailand is cheaper as traveling around the philippines. Less hassle pa in processing Visa/ no need to get if less than allowed days. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I can't believe that I could afford this kind of travel. I always wish to travel in Thailand one of this months and I would take this as an advice in the future

  10. Thanks for sharing us on how you were able to budget your trip to Thailand. Looking forward to your pictures as well as to your day-to-day experience with Thailand.

  11. Wow so that's almost 15 thousand pesos for almost a week in Thailand.. now I have the idea and can start saving for my own backpacking trip in Thailand! :)

  12. I know there are other ways to have a cheaper Thailand trip. Me, its been a year since a fellow Pastor have asked me if I can be a guest preacher sa church nila. The problem is, I have still having problem securing my passport.

  13. Another country for just under PHP 15,000 is a steal, in my opinion. When I go back to Malaysia, PHP 25,000 is often not enough! Of course, there's some shopping involved...

  14. Around half of the expenses went to airfare should've timed the promo fare booking properly haha

  15. This is really helpful for those travelers who wants to save a bit while traveling to Thailand

  16. Kasama pa pala yung pamasahe sa Pilipinas kaya lumaki, pero kun free trip makakarami pala ang mga Pinoy sa Thailand

  17. Nice breakdown. You could still organize it into different categories: transpo expenses; lodging; food, etc. Anyway, I think for your first travel abroad you budgeted well. :)

  18. Do i need to pay tax or terminal fee if i'm going to chiang mai ??? Reply me please i need your reply cuz i'm going to chiangmai tommorow

  19. @anonymous: I wouldn't know since I took the train from BKK to Chiang Mai