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Top Things to Do in Sagada

Sagada is an excellent place to visit not only because of the weather but the many activities and food one can eat. I was only able to do a handful of activities when I visited Sagada so I'll only be able to make a biased list of the things I did and the food I ate.

Top 3 Things to Do 

Sagada is jam packed with things to do the moment I had free time to wander around I saw a list of activities that visitors can do. The list ranged from mountain hiking, trekking to falls, caving, food tripping, river rafting, and just plain old sight seeing. Here's a rundown of the things I did during my Sagada trip:
  1. Caving - The cave connection in Sagada was definitely the highlight of my adventure. Going through pitch black caves only lighted by a kerosene lamp will quench any adventure junky's thirst. The slippery rocks and the cliffs will keep you on the edge between life and death.
     2. The View - Sagada has several breathtaking views of nature. 

The best view of them all the Kiltepan Peak sunrise
     3. Pongas Falls - Pongas offers great swimming and a fantastic view upon arrival and during the trek.

There are other fun and adventurous things to do in Sagada but here is my top three. Find what suits you and just immerse yourself in Sagada.

Top Places to Eat! Eat! Eat! in Sagada

The adventure in Sagada does not end at the exit of Sumaguing after the cave connection, for foodies there's plenty of restaurants and different kinds of food for an adventure of a different sort.

Lemon Pie House

The lemon pie in Sagada is scrumptious because it is not too sweet and not too bland either, it just hits the taste buds right. P25 for a slice and P180 for a box you can eat this delicious lemon pie.

Kusina Ysagada 
I was not able to take pictures of the food but I can say that the food was good. The food cost somewhere between P120 to P1,000+++ for the Sagada Pinikpikan dish.

Log Cabin 

Log Cabin stands out from all of the other restaurants in Sagada because it is run by a Westerner (I forget the nationality but she sounded British based on her accent). The food is also pricier when we went, at P300-P400 per plate for the buffet dinner, but Log Cabin serves delicious main courses and dessert and the ambiance set the mood for a homey feast. The buffet is only available during Saturdays by reservation and only serves dinner.

Attractions and Prices 

Here is a rundown of the attractions, fees, and guides that Sagada offers:

Sumaging Cave

Guide fee ranges from P500 to P1,500 depending on the number of people in the group and a rate of P125 each for groups of more than 15 people.

Cave Connection

Guide fee ranges from P800 to P1,200 and a rate of P400 per person for groups of more than 4.

Bomod-Ok Falls, Pongas Falls and Marlboro Hike

Guide fee ranges from P600 to P1,200 depending on the size of your group.

Mount Ampacao

Guide fee ranges from P800 to P2,000 depending on the size of your group.

Balangagan Cave

Guide fee ranges from P1,200 to P2,000 and a rate of P400 for groups of 6 and above.     

Sight Seeing Tour

Guide fee ranges from P600 to P1,200 and customers can choose 3 tourist spots.

The tourist spots you can choose from include: Lake Danum, Echo Valley, Lumiang Burial Cave, Pottery, Bokong Falls, and the Underground River Entrance.

Sunrise at Kiltepan Peak

With vehicle P300
Trek P350

You can visit SAGGAS to know more about Sagada and the activities you can do. 
Sagada is filled with other restaurants and fun things to do which you will definitely enjoy! Can't wait to return to this wonderful place in the mountains.   


  1. I have never been to Sagada though a lot of my friends have been there. Looking forward this 2013. When's the best month to schedule a trip to Sagada by the way?

  2. Lemon pie House! great place to relax, after trekking Bomod-ok or Echo Park. And as always, Sagada has the Bed Weather! lovely!

  3. The best time to visit Sagada would be summer March to April but if you like cold weather and would want to catch the bonfire festival, then late December would be perfect. There's another festival on November that you can check out I forget what it was called.

  4. When have more resources, I must visit Sagada for magnificent views and their food.

  5. I haven't been to Sagada though I lived most of my life in Baguio. I hope to visit the place soon to try out the different adventure and see the breathtaking attractions.

  6. I was supposed to go with friends last year. It was a July travel. But a storm was brewing at that time up North, so I opted not to come. Hopefully, they get to go back this year.. so that I can experience the same high. :)

  7. some of my friends been to this already. all thier photos looks amazing like you in this! great tips as well! xx

  8. I'm so excited to go back home in Pinas because Ill visit Sagada this February and I will surely follow all your advises. They say that Sagada also have the best ganja, will try it. hihihi. :)

  9. The cave and the falls looks so mystical. The foods looks so appetizing as well. Great tips about Sagada trip buddy. Thanks for sharing.

  10. So this is the post my wife is telling me about this afternoon. Punta raw kami since maganda raw ang cave at waterfall. Boss, mukhang gagastos na naman ako dahil sa post na ito.

  11. spelunking plus food trips i wanna do all these in Sagada! Will bookmark your post for my future plans ehehe :)

  12. This is the place I really want to visit and I am so excited of the things and scenery in this place.

  13. I never knew Sagada has river rafting activities as well. And as of late, I've been stalking most blogs and forums about Sagada as I'm plotting my own 7D/6N itinerary (I hope I could visit Sagada before I get old). :D

  14. For those interested to find out more about the river rafting in Sagada check these contact details out:


    I haven't tried contacting the email and number yet but those were the details I found when I was there.

  15. I really love Sagada despite the extreme activities :D I've yet to visit Pongas Falls. Ang dami ko pa hindi napuntahan doon. Is Kusina Ysagada a new resto? Never saw it when I went there last year.

  16. @Gabz: I'm not sure if it was a new restaurant since it was my first time there :D

  17. I wanna visit Sagada too. Maybe someday. Will gather my friends. Haha!