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Accommodations in Siquijor

There are different kinds of accommodations in Siquijor. Here are the three I was able to inquire and check out:

Lazi Beach Club

Lazi Beach Club was the resort where we stayed in. Our room cost us P1200 for 2 people but when we saw the size of the bed and floor space we knew that more people could stay in it. Additional person and bed costs P200.

Meals in Lazi Beach Club ranged from P150-P250.

Contact details: 09107215714 / info@lazibeachclub.com

Take note that there is no phone signal in the resort and some parts of Lazi.

Coral Cay Resort

We were only able to get a glimpse of what Coral Cay Resort has to offer. After inquiring about the room rate and seeing the beach we knew we should've stayed here instead. The non-aircon room for 2 costs P950 and P300 for an extra person. Coral Cay is located in San Juan where the best beaches are located. This resort is also a good alternative to Coco Grove Resort wherein rooms start at P4000+++/night. 

Contact details: 09192691269 / 09088965263 / scoralcayresort@yahoo.com

Das Traum Guest Haus 

Das Traum Guest Haus is located right in front of Siquijor Port. You can walk-in and get a room as long as there is a vacancy. Non-aircon rooms with common shower and CR start at P250/night and non-aircon rooms with own CR and shower for P350/night.

There are other accommodations in Siquijor, I've read that there are rooms for only P150/night.

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