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Itinerary, Expenses & Accommodations in Coron

Coron is one of those places that I would like to go back to over and over again. Its pristine beaches, rustic atmosphere, and friendly people make it a perfect destination all throughout the year. Coron is also my first trip to another Philippine province by myself. I've tried traveling to another country solo so the next thing I decided to do was travel solo to a province in the Philippines.

This time around I just decided to take a tour package from the hotel I was staying in, Apartelle de Gabrielle. The package I got was worth P5,800 for 4 days 3 nights, excluding airfare, that included:
  • Breakfast for the whole stay
  • Lunch during the tours
  • All entrance fees
  • Boat, tricycle, and airport transfers
  • Air conditioned room
  • Tour A, Tour B, and the Coron Town Tour
During my stay there I computed the cost of the hotel, the food, the tours, and everything else the amount was almost the same, hit or miss a few hundred pesos. So the tour package was not so bad. Coron is very much easy to do-it-yourself but this time around I didn't want to think of the tour and my stay, I just wanted to relax and have fun. You can get the same package for P4,900, excluding airfare, if you choose to get the fan room instead.

Kayangan Lake
With a view like this, I wouldn't mind spending a little extra.


Day 1
Coron Town Tour

Day 2
Tour A:
Kayangan Lake
Twin Lagoon
Twin Peaks
CYC Coral Garden
CYC Beach 

Day 3
Tour B:
Hidden Lagoon
Smith Coral Garden
Smith Beach
Skeleton Wreck
Coron Square Garden

Accommodations in Coron

Apartelle de Gabrielle
Rooms start as low as P600/night fan room and P900/night for air conditioned rooms
Contact details: 09399213119, 09158819786, 09053640753

Coron Backpacker
Rooms for as low as P380/night
Contact details: 09479595205

Ralph's Pension House
Rooms for one person start at P800/night with air conditioning and P1,200/night for two.
Contact details: 09154432193, 09216315449

Dive Link Resort
Rooms for two start at P3,600/night with breakfast.
Contact details: 09296432231, 09494275648, 09123978459

Backpacker room starts at P500/night and standard room for two starts at P1,200/night.
Contact details: 09089363830
Email: inf@amphibiko.com

Alternatively you can rent a house if you are going in large groups. There is a house for rent that charges:

P1,500/night for 4-6 pax
P2,500/night for 7-10 pax
P3,500/night for 11-20 pax

Look for Ms. Michelle through 09278789488

There are other accommodations that are more affordable around town all you have to do is look and ask around.

Around Town

Going around Coron is easy, from the airport you can take the shuttle for P150, and you can also rent a boat for the whole day to the destinations you want for P1,500 negotiable. There are also motorbike rentals for those who want to travel around town.

Angel Motorcycle Rental offers bikes for:

Big Motorbikes

P300 for 1-2 hours
P500 for 3-5 hours
P700 for 6-12 hours
P800 for 13-24 hours
P700/day for 2 or more days

Small Motorbikes

P200 for 1-2 hours
P300 for 3-5 hours
P500 for 6-12 hours
P600 for 13-24 hours
P500/day for 2 or more days

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  1. Details post about Coron. It will help the visitors going there. You mentioned every small and big things hare, Like motorbike bill. Good and informative post really.

  2. This is very helpful. I visited Coron before and had to plan the expenses when I was there. This would really help once I go back there,

  3. Thank you for an informative guide about Coron! Renting a motorbike sounds awesome, too bad I don't know how to operate one. I just like hop on and enjoy the wind around me hehe :)

    Btw, I just noticed your URL misspelled 'itinerary' (itineray).

  4. I'm going to Palawan this June. Great ideas for Coron. Browsing around now hoping to find PP/El Nido itinerary :)

  5. very detailed info. definitely useful. thx

  6. looks like a good place for a honeymoon that you might take your future wife.

  7. Thanks for this information. I want to go to Coron with my wife and kids. Just wondering if your room in Apartelle de Gabriel with hot water and tv?

  8. @fifileigh: yes there is a TV, forgot if there was hot water though

  9. thank you so much for the very informative details. Coron is my next destination.. so watchout!