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To The End of Luzon: Matnog, Sorsogon

On the last leg of my Sorsogon trip, we made it all the way to the southern most tip of Luzon in Matnog, Sorsogon.

Before we reached the southern tip of Luzon, we waited at the northern tip of Sorsogon to catch a jeep heading back to the city so we can catch a jeep that went to Matnog. It was a hectic two hour trip back to the city, a quick breakfast, and a mad dash to Matnog.

We rode the jeep to Matnog and paid the P95 fare one way. We rode through scenic farm lands and raw landscapes. The rustic atmosphere and the genial attitude of the locals endeared me even more to this province. Like Bacon, it seemed like everyone knew each other despite the distance between barangays.

After more than two hours of traveling we finally made it to the port town of Matnog, the gateway to Samar and the Visayas. Our boatman told us that Biri, Island was only two and a half hours from where we were. We could literally see Samar from the port.

Juag Lagoon

We arranged for an island hopping tour to three spots: Juag Lagoon, Subic Beach, and Tikling Island. Our first stop was Juag Lagoon. It took 20-30 minutes to reach the lagoon (we did not anticipate the travel time between all of the places, we arrived in Matnog at around 10AM already despite leaving Bacon at around 5AM!!!).

Juag Lagoon was owned by Sir Alex's family. They have been taking care of the fishes in the marine sanctuary for years now.

The lagoon was home to different kinds of colored fishes. I'm not particularly keen on the kinds of fish but they were varied.

There was also a very large sea cucumber that belonged to the lagoon.

After taking a few more shots, we headed out to Subic Beach which was only 10 minutes away.

Subic Beach

After landing on the beach, the first thing I noticed was the different tinge it had --- it was pinkish red.

True enough, the sand had a mix of red when my friend took a handful from the ground.

Our boatman said that the reddish tinge of the sand came from corals that turned into bits over time.

Taking a dip into those calm waters was relaxing.

Think deeply rin habang nasa tapat ng dagat din pag may time.

The pinkish Subic Beach is one of the best beaches I've been to. Not only is its color unique, it has a touch of rawness that other beaches don't have. We've heard that mostly locals from Albay go to this beautiful beach. The fact that this place is hard to get to may factor in its rawness. There are huts and small stores on the beach but there are no resorts around (thankfully so). You can camp out on the island if you choose to do so.

How to Get to Juag Lagoon & Subic Beach

The boat we were on
Take the jeep bound to Matnog from Sorsogon City for P95. Once there hire a boat to take you to the different spots for somewhere between P2,500 to P3,500 good for 12 people. There is also a P60/person environmental fee to be paid at the tourist center near the terminals of jeeps and tricycles.

We got a special rate of P1,000  for two persons from Sir Alex Lopito, he normally charges P1,500 for a day tour and P1,800 for overnight on Subic Beach. You can contact him through 09183045437.

Take note that there are no resorts in the area, if you have to stay overnight you'll end up sleeping on the beach or home stay. This time around we didn't miss the last ride back to Sorsogon City. The last jeepney ride back to the city is at 4:00PM to 4:30PM.


  1. Looks like a cool place. Haven't been to Sorsogon, and I should put this on my travel list. :)

  2. How did you plan for this day trip (last leg)? Did you research about the islands you hopped or just asked the locals for good finds?

  3. @Rochkirstin: we researched before we went to that place hehe

  4. The sand in Subic Beach look so fine and the addition of the fine red corals makes it even more interesting. The fusion with the blue waters is just so scenic.

  5. Ganda ng beach- ng sand en water- everything! Sarap cguro ng inihaw na isda from the Lagoon (fresh) hehehe :) can't eait to visit Sorsogon- will definitely add this spot in my list- thanks bro!

  6. Your post made me miss the beach! I haven't been to Sorsogon, so this will definitely be on my places to visit. I actually enjoyed your underwater photos, especially the marine life. What camera did you use to take those photos? :)

  7. @Mai: I used a regular point and shoot camera and put it inside a Dicapac case

  8. Wow! That's the first time I've seen a pink beach :) This is a beautiful place to visit - I hope it won't become too developed to be crowded and polluted.

  9. I have never been to Sorsogon to think I am a true blue Bicolana. I have been hearing that place is so divine and wonderful.

  10. Subic beach seems a nice place to visit. Curious ako doon sa 'red' sand.

  11. This place in Sorsogon is very impressive and inviting to tourists, local or foreign. Another refreshing destination to visit.

  12. Nice beach! I'm amazed with that giant sea cucumber you're holding in that photo, I haven't known there is such size.

  13. I've been meaning to explore the Bicol region and you added more places to check out. Is it really possible that from this place you can proceed to Biri Island?

  14. @Shie: yes it's possible but takes 2-3 hours

  15. Colorful fishes under the sea is such a paradise! Another great destination in the Philippines!

  16. omg I super like your underwater photos! I looove fishes! I've been dying to go to Sorsogon since last month...

  17. Were planning for a vacation there in Matnog this coming month... i like the place looks cool