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Wandering in Tikling Island, Sorsogon

The last stop of our island hopping tour around Matnog took us to Tikling Island.

It wasn't far from Subic Beach so we didn't have to wait long before docking. The beach was very similar to the one in Subic. The pinkish, soft sand was something we were getting used to. But behind the coconut trees were different rock formations which were the highlight of this island.

There was a short trek through a forested area before reaching the rock formations. Behind the trees stood large, black rock formations reminiscent of Biri (for me at least).

The picturesque rock formations were something else. They are just big, black rocks but their rawness and natural beauty were something to look at.

This rock formation looks like a throne.

Underwater on Tikling Island

Aside from the rock formations, Tikling Island presented itself as a viable snorkeling spot with many colorful corals and rocks.

We didn't have any gear with us that's why I settled taking photos of the nearby corals, which were just by the rock formations. I didn't have to venture out to capture these colorful corals. Sir Alex told us that this side of the island was a prime snorkeling spot..

Visiting Sorsogon has been a revelation. There are many beautiful spots on this side of the Philippines which are underdeveloped. As always there are ways to develop a place without harming the ecosystem or casting people aside. Aside from the beautiful locations around this province (which are plenty, I haven't even been to the other parts yet), the people had a connection with each other that was endearing.

The long ride all the way from the northern part of Sorsogon to the end of Luzon was worth it.

How to get to Tikling Island

The trip to Tikling Island was included in our day tour of Juag Lagoon and Subic Beach. Sir Alex allowed us to rent his boat and services for only P1,000. You can contact him through 09183045437.

We caught the last ride from Matnog at 4:30PM to Sorsogon City where we had to catch the last van at 7PM to Legazpi, Albay.


  1. beautiful rock formations indeed..now i miss traveling..and snorkeling. Never heard of tikling island in Sorsogon.. i only know Donsol for their butanding :)

  2. This is really amazing and beautiful...I like your shots with the stunning rock formations. I think we have to include Sorsogon in our bucket list of summer destinations next year. :)

  3. I really admire rock formation since its shapes over thousands of years with the collision with the seas.

  4. These pictures are so amazing that Tikling Island looks like be the end of the world. It's amazing to know that there are so beautiful places in the world, that you would like to have all the money in the world to visit them :)

  5. I've been to sorsogon, but I haven't been here. Those are really amazing and beautiful rock formations.

  6. I have yet to explore rock formations.. this seems to be an awesome place to do it! I have tried snorkeling and would love to do it again!

  7. Those are wonderful rock formations there! Made me really want to visit sorsogon when we go home.

  8. I have been to Sorsogon but only to Donsol. This is a totally different beach. The rock formations look awesome.

  9. I want to go here! Now na...