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Pre-Holiday Checklist: Have You Done It All?

Guest Post by Catherine M.

Lists…don’t you just love them? Well, some people don’t, but they can be a great way to ensure that you don’t miss anything, which can be particularly handy when it comes to last minute holidays (http://www.directholidays.co.uk/holidays/last-minute/) and family breaks, when there’s much more to get your head around. Organising a pre-holiday checklist can ensure that you don’t forget anything prior to your flight, meaning that you can spend your time beginning the relaxation process, rather than panicking about things you could have missed.

Have you organised any visas you may need?
While if you’re travelling within the EU, you probably won’t need visas, if you’re travelling further afield, such as the USA, you likely will. Make sure that you find out well in advance whether you or any of your party will need a visa to be allowed entry to your destination.

Are you insured?
Don’t be fooled by thinking that an EHIC card is a substitute for travel insurance, because it’s not. While an EHIC card helps to protect you against any health emergencies, travel insurance covers much more, so make sure you’re protected.

Have you sorted your airport transfers?
If you’ve booked a package break, airport transfers from the airport to resort will likely be included in the package but how are you going to get to your outbound flight? If you’re relying on somebody else, or public transport, to get there, make sure it’s arranged. If you’re driving to the airport yourself, make sure you book airport parking in advance to save money.

Do you have your currency?
Don’t leave it until you get to the airport, because the exchange rates in comparison with the high street are unfavourable.

Have you packed everything?
Make another list of packing essentials so that you don’t end up leaving something important at home. Pack in advance so that you can weigh your case and remove items if necessary so that you avoid excess baggage fees.

Most of all, get ready for a thoroughly enjoyable holiday with your loved ones – a perfect way to escape the humdrum of everyday life, for a while!


  1. It always makes sense to prepare adequately when traveling. The reminders in this post are quite useful.

  2. Sometimes credit card companies provide cover for travel insurance additionally covering for baggage loss/delay, and even trip interruption/cancellation.