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Tricycle Chronicles: Wandering Around Guimaras

After visiting the different islands around Guimaras, we went on a land tour to see what else Guimaras has in store for us.

Guisi Lighthouse

Guisi Lighthouse
Our first stop was Guisi Lighthouse. Guisi Lighthouse was one of the oldest lighthouses in the Philippines. The original structure has already been reinforced for tourists.

I went up the old lighthouse to see what's at the top. The creaky stairs and rusted steel added to the experience of going up the lighthouse.

The view of Guisi Beach from atop the lighthouse was good.

Guisi Beach

Guisi Beach was just below the lighthouse. The sand was not really fine but it was still a good beach with a great view of the ocean and some rock formations.

Guisi Beach was a good place to just beach bum around in.

Trappist Monastery

This one needs little explanation it's a monastery with monks in it. They also sold mango-based products and other items as souvenirs.

Sad Sad Falls

Our last stop was Sad Sad Falls. The cascading water was magnificent to look at. We were unable to swim in the cool waters of the falls because it was muddy and the water was brown.

The tricycle tour costs P1,200, we split the bill five ways.

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Souvenir Shopping

We couldn't leave Guimaras without trying their mangoes. Since it was off-season, we got mangoes for P80/kilo. The mangoes were really something else. It was sweet in a different way compared to mangoes from elsewhere. Mangoes bought during high season go for as low as P25/kilo.

There are also other mango-based products you can buy. There is a box of mango bars for P90 and a pack of mango tarts for P45. You can buy these souvenirs in Trappist Monastery or in the markets.


  1. heya bojo, lakihan mo naman yun pic :)para sulit talaga yun pgtingin sa pic. BTW ang ganda nun beach. ^^

  2. @carla: wala naman ang pagkaiba ang masmalaki pic haha

  3. ..OMG !! I want to taste the mango there!!

  4. Thanks for this! Nakatulong po sa pagplano ng itinerary ko for this weekend... :)

  5. sa mga itineraries mo, ikaw ba ang nag-isip or nirekomenda ba ang mga lugar ng mga tricycle driver/taxi driver don?

  6. @anonymous: nagsearch nako online :D

  7. ganda tlaga ng lugar namin...1995 sweetest mango in the world...at may boracay like nah MGA beaches...