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Itinerary & Expenses for Guimaras & Iloilo Trip

I had fun during my stay in Iloilo and Guimaras. The Ilonggos were soft spoken and friendly which added to the province's charm. It must be great to have delicious mangoes, beaches, and falls just right around the corner.

Guisi Beach
Here's a breakdown of my expenses during my 3 days and 2 nights trip to Iloilo and Guimaras:

P700 - Food & water
P258 - Transportation
P400 - Share for hotel at Riverside Inn (shared with 4 other people)
P28 - Roundtrip boat ride to Guimaras and back to Iloilo
P250 - Land tour (Guisi Lighthouse, Guisi Beach, Trappist Monastery, and Sad Sad Falls) including one way ride from Jordan to Raymen's Beach Resort
P415 - Island hopping including fees (Baras Beach, Turtle Island, Natago Island, SEAFDEC, Snorkel Area, Ave Maria Islet, Fairy Castle)
P220 - Share for fan room in Raymen's (shared with 4 other people)
P50 -Extra towel
P216 - Souvenirs
P70 - Tricycle ride from Raymen's to Jordan Port
P50 - Jeep to Tigbauan and Miagao Church
P40 - Jeep from Miagao to Mohon terminal
P200 - Iloilo airport terminal fee______________________________________
P2,897 - Total Expenses for the 3 days and 2 nights trip

*P1,139.94 - Round trip plane tickets

P4,037 - Total expenses including airfare

You can get this trip for a lower price depending on what you do, where you stay, and where you eat. We ended up doing the island hopping tour again because a friend got sea sick and we had to bring him back to the resort. We also decided to go to as many places possible to get the most out of our trip, hence we spent more because of it.


Day 1
Overnight in Iloilo

Day 2
Raymen's Resort
Island Hopping (Ave Maria Islet, Fairy Castle, Turtle Island, SEAFDEC, Snorkel Area)
Land Tour (Guisi Lighthouse, Guisi Beach, Sad Sad Falls)

Day 3 
Island Hopping (Baras Beach, Natago Island)
Trappist Monastery
Souvenir Hunting
Tigbauan Church
Miag-ao Church

Read my updated guide: budget and itinerary for Guimaras

Around Guimaras

Guimaras has fixed rates when it comes to tours. For the island hopping tour the fixed rates are P500 for the first hour and P150 for the succeeding hours for 1-10 people. You can cover everything depending on your length of stay on each stop in 3-4 hours. For the land tour, its P1,200 for the tricycle. We stayed in Raymen Beach Resort for P900 fan room good for five.

Around Iloilo

We dropped by the UNESCO Heritage Site in Miag-ao, the Miag-ao Church. We mostly used the jeep to get there and back, but when we got pressed for time we hired a taxi from Mohon Terminal. We met a very generous taxi driver who drove us all the way to the airport from Mohon Terminal while making stops in Robinson's and SM for only P400! He was really nice and would definitely recommend him. His name is Wagner, he's from Bulacan and his contact number is: 09084642626.

We stayed at the Riverside Inn and got a room for around P1,900 good for five people (the price includes extra person and extra bed since the room is only for three). You can reach Riverside Inn through 09228380191. 


  1. I had done the same itinerary when I visited Iloilo last year. I also visited the Raymen's beach resort. Ilongos are really cool and they are so malambing when they speak.

  2. Hay! I miss my beloved Iloilo City.
    Im all too familiar with it, even the Guimaras..
    Going to its 2 points of entry, aside from Jordan.
    The northern part is equally charming, to Buenavista Guimaras.
    There are secluded white sand beaches on the back of Guimaras, the one facing away from Iloilo.. Most of them are privately owned beaches, there is also this Siete Picados. and many more off the beaten paths.

  3. its easy for me to go in guimaras since it was close from my hometown negros! honestly thanks for sharing this! i got an idea if where place to go and relax on my next vacation in phililippines!

  4. I haven't been to Guimaras, taking note of the expense sheet for my future travel.

  5. You managed to squeeze in your itineraries especially the Day 2 itinerary: Island hopping + land tour!

  6. Thanks for appreciating my fellow Ilonggo. I am from Negros Occidental,just a 30-minute sailing from Guimaras Island.

  7. Your post is cool! I've never been to Iloilo and your budget would be a great basis for planning a trip there.

  8. I also love how Ilongos speak, so sweet to the ears! I guess we'll have to make a sidetrip to Guimaras when we visit Iloilo next year. I'll take note of your IT.

  9. Ang mgaI longo malalambing. That's so true. Bro for over 4 thou lang ang gastos. That's reasonable lang. Gora na sa Iloilo.

  10. This makes me want to visit Guimaras and Iloilo. The P4,000.00 that you spent is quite reasonable.

  11. I look forward to visit Iloilo by next year :)

  12. It's so cool that for only 4,000+++ pesos you were able to enjoy the beautiful Iloilo & Guimaras! :)

  13. Te nanamian kaman sang guimaras? hehe (Nagandahan kaba sa guimaras?) My parents has a small lot there in guimaras with plenty mango trees..

  14. @rogelio olivar: oo maganda sa Guimaras at masarap mga mangga hehe

  15. Nakakahiya. I've never been to Guimaras. I feel like I'm a stranger in our own country! LOL I shall find time exploring the beauty of the Philippines.

  16. thank for this information i plan to go to Guimaras and this is really helpful

  17. gnda ng guimaras meron din mga tour, weve been there last Feb 4,2016 enjoy!!!.. If you need a tour guide then drop to resort I recommend kuya micheal selorico Contact details #09083246835/09773725074. He is Kind and honest :)

  18. Thanks for the tourguide contact details. I'm currently in iloilo right now for guimaras tour daytour tomorrow :)

  19. I remember you my pasahero. And thanks a lot for your recomemdarion and i got many pasahero nation wide. I got another number 09956707765. Again, madamo gid nga salamat. Wagner

  20. Paano po pumunta jan sir mam sa jordan ba yan plano sana namin mag asawa jan sa sabado po

    1. Yes po, punta po kayo sa Jordan port tapos may mga bangka na pwede sakyan.