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Mountain Log Resort: Relaxing in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Lake Sebu was one of the places I wanted to go to because of its beautiful countryside, rich culture, ecotourism, and great weather. I looked for a good place to stay in that was affordable and had good Wi-Fi connection. I found the accommodation that provided me with what I needed. Lake Sebu Mountain Log Resort had a great view of the lake and the countryside.

Amenities & Activities

Aside from spectacular views of the lake and the countryside, Mountain Log Resort is equipped with amenities and facilities for seminars, barkada getaways, and family vacations. Visitors can ride a boat around the lake for P30.

Visitors can use this area to hold seminars.

The restaurant serves snacks and meals, and even karaoke parties for visitors. The meals cost P160 and above, but the serving size is good enough for 2 to 4 people. There is also Wi-Fi in this resort, but is limited to the restaurant area. The connection was good enough for what I needed.

There are also cottages for rent for day tour visitors. Cottages for 4-6 people cost P100 (day rate) and P150 (night rate).

View from the tower
Mountain Log Resort also has a tower that has an overlooking view of the countryside and the lake. Visitors can go up the tower for P10, but it is free for check-in guests.


The room we got was basic but for someone who is out most of the day, it really doesn't matter. There was no airconditioning nor fan, but the weather in Lake Sebu is similar to Tagaytay or even Baguio at times.   

Room Prices

Single room with bath and CR for 2: P500
Barkada room with bath and CR  for 4: P650
Family room with bath and CR for 2: P850
Matrimonial room with bath and CR for 2: P750

Overall, Lake Sebu Mountain Log Resort is a good place to stay in. Although basic, the room was comfortable. The Internet connection was good enough for what I needed. The food was just right, and the view of the lake was just fantastic.

If the staff is unfriendly, no matter how good the amenities are, guests would not appreciate staying there. I liked how friendly the staff is. Ms, Yvonne and the other staff members were game to join guests when it came to singing karaoke. 

How to get to Mountain Log Resort

Take a bus from General Santos bus terminal to Marbel, from Marbel take another van or bus to Surallah. From Surallah take a jeep or van to Lake Sebu. Once at Lake Sebu's terminal, hire a motorcycle to take you to Mountain Log Resort. 

Updated guide: budget and itinerary for Lake Sebu

Contact Details

Phone:    0917-574-6729, (083) 236-1052
Address:  Purok Pag-asa, Lake Sebu, 2020 Surallah, South Cotabato
Email:    mountainlogresort@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.lakesebumountainlogresort.com/
Facebook: Lake Sebu Mountain Log Resort


  1. This is indeed very countryside. And the room rates are very affordable. Pwede na, especially that they have Wifi naman! hehe :)

  2. The countryside is always the best to have on vacation and a quite get-together. You'll always have fresh air for the kids.

  3. The place looks great! But where is it located? Hehe, I've read your post twice but couldn't find it. :D

  4. @chasing jayce: it's in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, you're going to need a motorcycle to get to this resort, you can visit their site to get the full details :D

  5. Lake Sebu gets more interesting with every post I read. Taking note of Mountain log Resort.

  6. I always dream of lake sebu... this place looks nice and affordable. You are right, no matter how posh the place is, if the staff are not mind full of their guess its not good at all.

  7. Ganda naman ng view. Perfect place to stay in Lake Sebu for Nature Trippers.

  8. Now that's the kind of place that I like staying in! Regardless if the lodging has no wi-fi, as long as there's good service and a clean bathroom, I'd go for it. PLus, this seems to be a winner for me, as the rooms are quite affordable. I may have just found my future inn when I visit Lake Sebu. :)

  9. I leave so closed in this place and I don't have time to visit. Maybe someday when I have more luxury time

  10. Iba talaga ang ganda ng Lake Sebu! One of the most photogenic place i guess- can't wait to go there- SOON!

  11. It looks like a nice place, with good ambiance and affordable rates! This is a perfect place if you want to just breathe.

    P.S. Those lotus plants are really cute. ;)

  12. Wooo. Never pa ako nakakapunta ng Lake Sebu and I heard some good stories about the place. Sana makavisit din ako dun someday!

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  14. Nakapunta nako jan,, unforgetable, unexpectable and priceless experience,,... nag stay kami sa Mountain Log Resort,, Best Service,, Best room,,, okay ang wifi nila,, then may free tourguide service pa sila... Ganda ng View,, fresh ng hangin... wish ko lang someday makapunta ulit ako sa Lake sebu

  15. I like your idea and it is so good and I am definetly going to save it.
    Matt Levine