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Hopping On & Off: Sightseeing in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur was the first stop during my 10 day and 3 country trip around Southeast Asia. Kuala Lumpur immediately impressed me upon landing. The airport was efficient because you don't even have to leave to get to different points of Malaysia. You can just ride the bus or take the train from the airport to your next destination in Malaysia.

I only had a couple of days in Kuala Lumpur so I decided to explore the city by riding the Hop On, Hop Off Bus.

The Hop On, Hop Off Bus ticket costs MYR 45 and goes to more than 20 spots around the city. The ticket is valid for the entire day. With this ticket, I got to explore the city at my pace and stayed long in places I liked to wander around in.

Petronas Towers

A visit to Kuala Lumpur would be incomplete without visiting the Petronas Towers. The Petronas Towers was dubbed the world's tallest building not too long ago. The 452-meter high towers are an iconic piece of architecture that looms over Kuala Lumpur. 

KL Tower 

The KL Tower was built in 1995 and stands tall at the only remaining forest reserve in Kuala Lumpur. At 421 meters tall, this tower is the tallest telecommunications tower in Southeast Asia.

National Palace

The National Palace was one of the stops of the bus tour, too bad I was unable to go inside.

Central Market

Central Market was one of the places where you can buy souvenirs and eat. The prices weren't exactly cheap but still affordable. The prices ranged from as low as MYR5 to highs of more than MYR100.

The Central Market was near Chinatown, Dataran Merdeka, and other old and historical buildings. I really liked walking the streets in this area there were a lot of stories behind those old buildings and streets.

Bintang Walk

Bintang Walk is this long stretch of road where restaurants, shopping centers, and hotels abound. This area is a shoppers' paradise. There are high-end goods and bargain finds for all types of shoppers.

Dataran Merdeka

Merdeka Square is a historic place that also has several old buildings around it. This was where the Malaysian flag was raised when independence was declared in August 31, 1957.

The Victorian Fountain is over 100 years old and was brought to Kuala Lumpur from England. 

The Sultan Abdul Samad Building was built in 1894-1897. This building housed the Federated Malay States, High Court, and Supreme Court before, and is now home to the Ministry of Information, Communications, and Culture.

Public Library
There are other noteworthy buildings around this area that have so much history behind them.

Sri Mahamariamman Temple 

This Hindu Temple was also one of the stops of the bus tour. I'm not really Hindu but I do like quirky looking buildings. The atmosphere surrounding this temple was quite peaceful despite the noise of the city. There are other religious buildings in KL which added to its multiculturalism.

St. Mary's Cathedral

This church was built in 1894 and is the first brick church in Malaysia. 

KL City Gallery

The KL City Gallery houses historical buildings and tells the story of Kuala Lumpur during its early years, before it was the city is is now. I didn't know that KL used to be a backward province much like other places in the Philippines. We (Filipinos) could learn a lot from KL and how it turned itself into one of the world's best cities. There are free tours to different parts of Merdeka Square and the City Gallery every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 11:45 AM.

I wanted to visit more places during the bus tour, but time didn't allow it. I'll just come back and spend more time in the places I've been to and haven't been to. KL is a city that has not forgotten its past and does its best to preserve it. The streets and buildings told different stories of the city's past, present, and future.


  1. very nice photos!! i dont kinda like malaysia before because i've had some bad impressions when I was visiting from SG to KL i was shocked when I found out that we needed to move here LOl. Though now i totally love it here cheaper in singapore plus we're living both near LRT nad monorail which makes our transportation more convenient! PLus! the train going to the Aiport have WIFI too! how convenient right?

  2. nice places that Kuala Lumpur is offering its tourists. But I prefer spending my day viewing the Petronas Tpwer.

  3. Petronas Tower is one of the noticeable landmark in KL, Malaysia and i must say i enjoyed reading your blog post about it. :)

  4. wow. I envy this. hope i can finally have firsts of these next year. fingers crossed.

  5. We are looking forward of one day visiting Petronas and Malaysia. Could be a side trip from SG as well is good.

  6. Malaysia is a wonderful place to see. Hopefully, we can visit and see personally some of their famous tourist attractions.

  7. I never really thought of Kuala Lumpur as a tourist destination. Based on your post, it really is something to consider in traveling.

  8. Kuala Lumpur is on my list when it comes to Southeast Asia. It's clean and I want to visit the Petronas Tower and The Pavilion. :D

  9. the Petronas Tower and the KL Tower!!! they are just so wonderful!! :)

  10. I think Petronas is the best looking tower among the highest buildings in the world. I'm glad to see Petronas Tower too.

  11. would love to visit Kuala Lumpur someday.. sana dito sa atin meron din tayong Hop on Hop off bus no.. but would that be possible with the current traffic situation here? ayun pala, how was the traffic there?

  12. Ohhh on the first photo I thought it was my friend's post :D she's been to KL din kasi and she loves it there. I wish to visit there too soon :)

  13. We will be touring in Malaysia specifically in KL next year. Now I have some ideas on where we would visit. Any recommendations for hotel?

  14. Living in the Garden City of Lights (KL) for almost 3 years now, and had adopted it's way of living. There's so much to see other than the KL Hop on Hop Off can reach.

  15. @rochkirstin: I would recommend Explorer's Guesthouse.
    @mommypehpot: the traffic there was not so bad compared to the Philippines

  16. I really had good impressions of Malaysia when I first visited the place more than 10 yrs ago and this Hop On Hop Off bus was not yet even around. I'll be back here that's for sure to explore more places and then head to Nepal afterwards :)

  17. malaysia's central market is very much like ours but the towers are marvelous, sky high and very romantic at night. great photographer u have:)

  18. Hop on hop off..I wish this can be done in the entire Metro Manila.
    As is right, you get to encounter stressful situations first before one can even leave NAIA (pimping taxis and all).
    Seems like you had a great time, andami mo napuntahan Sir.

  19. Kuala Lumpur is the best! been there last year and it's really beautiful! :)) ♥

  20. My friend is also telling me how lovely KL was and seeing this I think I'm going to believe in what she's saying. Gosh! I really do wish to visit KL.

  21. This one's sooo awesome!! I want to go to Kuala Lumpur too!