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Itinerary & Expenses for Lake Sebu & Saranggani Trip

Lake Sebu and Saranggani both had a lot to offer tourists. I was pleasantly surprised about the things I discovered during my one week sojourn to southern Philippines.

There should be more people visiting Saranggani and Lake Sebu because of the adventures and cultural experiences one can get.

Here is the breakdown of my expenses during my six days stay in Lake Sebu and Saranggani:

P10 - Motor to Surallah terminal
P20 - Van transport from Marbel to Surallah
P28 - Bus from Surallah to Marbel
P70 - Roundtrip van to Lake Sebu and Surallah
P30 - Motor to Mountain Log
P83 - Bus to General Santos City (Gensan) from Marbel
P121 - Movie in Gensan
P148 - Transport in Gensan
P160 - Roundtrip van to Glan (Gumasa Beach)
P1,532 - Food & water
P375 - Mountain Log accommodation
P300 - Julz Pension in Gensan
P100 - Donation for Lang Dulay
P215 - Souvenirs
P125 - Half day tricycle tour in Lake Sebu
P250 - Whole day tour in Lake Sebu
P350 - Lake Sebu zipline with CD photos
P100 - One way zipline in Lake Sebu
P200 - Lake cruise
P100 - Cottage Coco Beach Resort in Gumasa
P80 - Trike ride in Gumasa
P30 - Entrance for Coco Beach Resort
P50 - Donation for Y'Gas
P5 - Punta Isla entrance
P5 - Dolores Resort entrance
P25 - Kayaking in Mountain Lake Eco Resort
P150 - Airport transfer
P100 - Terminal fee Gensan                                               
P4,762 Total expenses without airfare


Day 1
Travel to Lake Sebu
Half day tour: Lang Dulay, Resort Hopping (Dolores, Mountain Log, Punta Isla, Sunrise Lake Garden, Mountain Lake Eco Resort, Estares)

Day 2
Whole day tour: 7 Falls Zipline, Trek to 4 Falls, Lake Cruise, Trek to River

Day 3
Depart Lake Sebu
Arrive in Gensan

Day 4
Tuna Festival

Day 5
Gumasa Beach

Day 6 
Depart for Manila

I would like to return to Lake Sebu because of the weather, the laid back atmosphere, and the scenic landscapes. Southern Philippines is one of the many gems that our country has to offer.

Read my updated guide here: budget for Lake Sebu


  1. Hi Joshua,
    I am Simon, from Malaysia.

    I was attracted by the photo you shot on Lake Sebu and is planning to blog about this place, can i know whether i am allowed to use your photo?


  2. Hi Simon!

    Can I see the link to that blog first?

    You can send me an email so we can discuss things further.

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Hi. Is it safe here? Sry i have no idea

  4. Thank you, Joshua. Now I have an idea for the budget. Thank you. :)

  5. Is the Lake Sebu zipline also open on Sundays? thanks!