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The Cultural Heritage of Lake Sebu

Lake Sebu is not only home to scenic landscapes and great weather, Lake Sebu also has a distinct culture that sets it apart from other attractions in the Philippines.

The T'Boli's are one of quite a few ethnic groups living in the cool area surrounding Lake Sebu. One of the reasons why I visited Lake Sebu was to meet Lang Dulay, a National Living Treasure. According to the locals we met when we went to her house, she was the only dream weaver left who actually dreamed of the patterns she uses to make the cloths the T'Bolis use.

The intricate process of weaving takes up to months. The dream weavers use wood and sap to create the different colors of each cloth they create. I could not believe that those colors were actually just wood and sap and not artificial coloring. The dream weavers said that the colors on the cloths they create can last up to 20 years without fading.

I took the liberty of shooting the process of weaving the cloth that the T'Bolis make.

Hidden Treasure in the South

After ziplining over the falls, we decided to ride the cruise around Lake Sebu that was offered by Mountain Lake Eco Resort. The cruise around the lake only cost us P200, the fee included guide, food, and drinks. We were treated to another cultural show performed by Y'Gas. She has performed overseas and has received awards for her chanting and dancing.

One of the chants that Y'Gas performed was called Lemlunay, meaning paradise. Even if I did not understand a single word of what she was chanting, I still appreciated her performance.

Y'Gas also performed a courtship dance for everyone aboard the cruise.

Lake Sebu has a lot to offer visitors. One can dip into the culture, and enjoy the many adventures one can do in this part of the Philippines.

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  1. P200 for the cruise is really reasonable. I really should visit lake Sebu as I've read a lot about the place.

  2. It is amazing how they do not lose their way in weaving those complicated designs. ARe the designs original for each weaver? I wonder how the weave patterns are different from the ones Nora Aunor did in "Thy Womb".

  3. I honestly haven't heard of Lake Sebu until now. It does look like a nice place to visit.