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Going Solo

I planned on going to Solo from Yogyakarta. I heard and read good things about Solo so I decided to take the train, along with my roommate in the hostel, to Solo.

Journey to Solo

We took the 8AM train to be able to catch the train back at 5PM. We only planned to day trip Solo. We boarded the 20,000 IDR aircon train to Solo, the non-aircon train costs 10,000 IDR. We were unable to get seats so we ended up standing up for the most part of the one hour train ride. We passed by the countryside, I found it quite scenic and reminded me of home. The countryside was developed compared to the provinces back home, I wonder when will the Philippines have a rail network to different provinces?

The cabins were quite spacious and there were even outlets (didn't know if they worked) by the seats. There was also someone selling food to hungry passengers. The train had its own restroom.

My roommate and I stopped by Kraton Surakarta first before heading out to the highlands at the border of Solo. The journey from Solo City to the highlands took us to Candi Sukuh.

Candi Sukuh

It took another hour or so to make it to Candi Sukuh, but the journey was worth it. This small temple was different from a lot of the temples found in Yogyakarta.

Candi Sukuh was built in the 15th century. The shape of this temple is different from other temples because it is reminiscent of a Mayan temple. Sukuh temple has three terraces and is shaped like a trapezoid. 

There are quite a few statues and bas reliefs depicting sex, and other phallic symbols. There is a 10,000 IDR entrance fee to enter Candi Sukuh.

Candi Cetho 

My roommate and I parted ways because he wanted to return to Yogyakarta earlier. I rode the ojek I hired then was on my way to Candi Cetho.

The scenic ojek ride through Solo's countryside was rewarding. The farmlands stretch for miles over the mountains. The weather in this part of Solo was just right, at the right level of cool. After driving through the countryside, I finally made it to Candi Cetho.

Candi Cetho is a 15th century temple built on Mt. Lawu.

Candi Cetho also had quite a few interesting statues and bas reliefs.  Candi Cetho has an entrance fee of 11,000 IDR including the fee for the motorcycle.

There was another temple next to Candi Cetho, Saraswati. Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of music, science, arts,and knowledge. There is a 1,000 IDR fee to enter this temple.

Going to both temples was rewarding for me. When I visited these temples, there were only a handful of local and foreign tourists. I'm guessing these two temples aren't normally on the tourist radar, but well worth the visit.

How to get to Candi Sukuh & Cetho

Getting to these two temples is quite difficult, unless you are traveling by yourself or with just one other person it is better to rent a car for 300,000 to 500,000 IDR to get to Solo and these two temples. If you want to get to Solo and these two temples by public transport, catch the 8:00 AM or earlier train. You can take the aircon or non-aircon train for 20,000 IDR or 10,000 IDR respectively. Once at the train station, ride a becak to Tirtonadi Bus Terminal in Solo for 10,000 IDR. From the bus terminal take the bus to Karangpandan for 7,000 IDR one-way. Once at Karangpandan terminal, take the minibus to Kemuning for 5,000 IDR one-way. I hired an ojek to get to Candi Sukuh and Cetho, and then back to the bus stop for 60,000 IDR after a long time of bargaining.


  1. Someday soon, I'll travel to these ancient temples. Always been a fan of cultural heritage sites! :D

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  6. I'm afraid to go solo in a land where I can't communicate well with locals. Language can really be a barrier when traveling and the least I wanted to do is to try hard and make inaudible sign languages desperately to say my needs. Good thing you had a good adventure here. :P

  7. A 15th century temple looks really amazing. This just show how rich their heritage is.

  8. nice place.. lucky you to have been there. thanks for blogging about this and for sharing this with us your readers

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  11. Candi Sukuh, looks similar to a temple at Brazil.. They shared the same Mayan architecture.

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  16. Thanks for public transport information to Candi Sukuh! It seems still few people go to there, which makes hard to find transport to get there but it is good to enjoy the temple.

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