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Lesser Known Temples of Yogyakarta

I couldn't get enough of the temples in Yogyakarta (and I had a lot of free time), I decided to visit the lesser known temples surrounding the city.

The sun was bothering my eyes
The first temple I visited was Candi Plaosan.

Candi Plaosan

Plaosan was initially built during the 9th century by Sri Kahulunnan. The complex consists of Plaosan Lor and Plaosan Kidul, Lor is located in the north and Kidul is in the south. Both temples have a guardian statue called Dwarapala.

There were hardly any visitors entering Plaosan Temple, which made it appealing to me. There was an entrance fee of 10,000 IDR for Plaosan.

Candi Kalasan

Kalasan is a Buddhist temple built in the 8th century. Didn't really spend too much time in this temple since it was similar to Candi Sari.

Candi Sari

Candi Sari is another 8th century Buddhist temple near Yogyakarta City. Sari temple has similar design and architecture with Kalasan. I explored the temple and found some interesting carvings. There is a 2,000 IDR entrance fee for this temple.

Candi Sambisari

Candi Sambisari is one of my favorite temples in Yogyakarta. This 9th century Hindu temple was quite different from the rest. This temple was buried by volcanic ash and was rediscovered in the 1960s. There is also a 2,000 IDR entrance fee for this temple.

How to get to these temples

I took the bus to Prambanan station for 3,000 IDR and just hired an ojek for 100,000 IDR (I could've gotten a lower price, but because of my indecision I was not able to bargain properly) to take me to the temples and back to the bus station.


  1. Got any interesting insights to share about these temples? I can't seem to remember any ancient temples like these in the Philippines. Curious about the legends or the mythos surrounding these temples.

  2. @Zion: I couldn't find much info about them either, there really isn't a lot of info about them online. There weren't that many people visiting them either when I went.

  3. I hope this place won't be ruined by natural catastrophe and they should be preserved and maintained more for tourists.

  4. Epic architecture i wish i could include this on my travel soon

  5. this is the kind of travel that I want to experience, temple hopping and learning about the history of each temple

  6. Do you consider these lesser known temples eh, they are quite imposing and huge.

  7. Indonesia does have a rich heritage you can see from their temples. Reminds me a lot of Angkor Wat.

  8. This is a very good educational and historical place. They are definitely preserving this, not just for history's sake but also of its religious importance.