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$10 in Singapore

When someone asks you about how much you need to bring to go sightseeing in Singapore, you would normally think that it would take hundreds of Singapore Dollars to see the country’s attractions. But you can actually visit Singapore’s tourist spots for only $10. I stopped by the MRT station in Bugis to get the day pass for the train, and was off touring Singapore for $10.

A Visit to the Gardens

Chinese Garden

The first stop of my trip took me to the Chinese Garden. This garden has its own train station which made it easy to access, and to make things better there was no entrance fee to this serene place. There is a towering Chinese temple right at the heart of the garden and statues of famous Chinese personalities like Zhang He.

Like a lot of the tourist places in Singapore, the garden was man-made. The garden created a peaceful atmosphere for cycling and just walking around.

Botanical Garden

 My next destination was the Botanical Garden. Like the Chinese Garden, the Botanic Garden also had its own stop which made it easier for tourists to access it. The Botanic Garden is another man-made wonder found in Singapore.

The different kinds of plants, flowers, and trees created a Garden of Eden that contrasts with the bustling metropolis that is Singapore. The Botanic Garden had no entrance fee aside from the other flower gardens inside the park.

Lighting Up the Sky

Singapore’s already impressive cityscape transforms when the sun sets. I waited till the sun set before doing the walking tour, and my wait was rewarded.

The Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands lit up the night sky in various colors. The Marina Bay Sands illuminated in red, blue, and various colors as the night watched. Wandering amongst the multicolored super grove trees in Gardens by the Bay was an other-worldly experience. The towering super grove trees reminded me of the movie, Avatar. The trees glowed in blue, green, and red, rendering dreamlike sequences for its spectators.

The cityscape was just as impressive as the Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay. The bay area was teeming with tourists marveling at the bright lights and imposing structures of Singapore’s man-made dream. The neon lights of the Helix Bridge sucked me into its vortex and brought me out to the other end.

Merlion Park provided another perspective of this man-made city. Looking at the Marina Bay Sands, Helix Bridge, Singapore Flyer, and dozens of abstract buildings made me realize how far Singapore had come. From one dream this city was built with little to no resources.

There was a lot of walking involved to get to these places, but because of the convenient location of the MRT stations getting to these places were easy. Who says you have to spend a fortune to see what Singapore has to offer? For $10, you can visit the Botanic and Chinese Garden, and watch the Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Helix Bridge, and the cityscape light up the sky.

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  1. Every MRT station / stop has a specialty to offer to tourists. With $10, you can travel to a lot more. If you are up to it, you can even walk from one station up to the next station and the next....until 5-6 stations. I do that a lot before from sun-up to sundown hehe. :)

  2. Nice Sharing!!