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Wandering in Singapore

I stayed in Singapore for a few days before I headed to Malaysia. I had some free time to kill so I decided to wander the streets of Singapore.

Singapore had almost nothing when it left Malaysia, out of nothing this dream city was built.

Wandering the Streets of Singapore

I somehow found my way to Clarke Quay. This nice part of the city state had distinct architecture and an old world feel.

Clarke Quay had these huge umbrellas covering parts of the establishments and bridge. It was a nice touch to the colored buildings in the area.

Singapore would not have droves of tourists going in and out without shopping and high-class consumerism. Clarke Quay and Orchard Road are filled with establishments that offer all kinds of goods. The architecture was also noteworthy.

I had a day pass for the MRT so I decided to go to random places where I found the architecture quite interesting. I found this abstract looking shopping mall and sleek building in the outskirts of Singapore. The MRT was very efficient, it made going from one place to another easier. The trains were always on schedule and had plenty of room (compared to the corned beef feeling in the MRT back home) even during rush hour.

Gardens by the Bay

I took the opportunity to revisit the Gardens by the Bay in the morning. The garden looks different in sunlight, but still as impressive. 

The garden area was segmented into different parts, if I remember correctly there was a Chinese and Indian section. 

The super grove trees were designed in a way that nothing gets wasted, water and sunlight. It was really impressive to witness these megastructures that were not just there for display.

Singapore Flyer from a distance

Cloud Forest

I decided to go into one of the biomes in the Gardens by the Bay. The Cloud Forest has an entrance fee of $16 for non-Singaporeans, you can buy the $28 ticket for both the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, I was more interested in entering the Cloud Forest.

This impressive piece of architecture simulated a mountain. Different plants found in mountains and even the weather was simulated.

Singapore has a way of creating an experience that mimics the actual thing. The ingenuity of Singapore makes up for its lack of resources.

Even the stalagmites and stalactites found in mountains was simulated in this biome.

The Cloud Forest managed to create the climate of a mountain, amazing.

The displays that showed the structure of the entire garden was impressive. It started out as a plain .model then lighted up once the explanation was being made. Nothing was wasted and everything was put into careful consideration before implementation.

I found a really cheap place to eat in near the hostel where I stayed. The food sold there was on average only $2.5! It was really cheap compared to the usual so-called hawker food that was priced more than $5 per meal. For someone who was on a really tight budget, the price difference was a big thing. The Chinese restaurant is right next to Al Nafura across Sim Lim Tower.

Despite the different races living in Singapore, the Indians, Chinese, and Malays, they were one country with one vision. Everything was carefully planned and interconnected, they didn't just build trains and roads, they built blood vessels that made one beating heart.

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