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Singapore Trip Itinerary & Expenses

Singapore is an expensive country, but despite that I accepted the challenge of trying to save as much money as I can while still seeing the best of what this country has to offer.

I would return to Singapore in a heartbeat, but next time I'll bring more money.

Here is a breakdown of my brief 4 days and 3 nights stay in Singapore:

*S$1 = PHP35 as of December 2013

S$43.20 - Accommodations Footprints Hostel
S$25.55 - Food & Water
S$14.1 - Transportation
S$16 - Entrance Cloud Forest
S$10 - Day Pass MRT
S$2.4 - Bus to Johor Bahru
S$1.7 - Bus to Larkin                                         
S$112.95 - Total

I was running low on funds since I came over from Indonesia, so I was unable to go to Sentosa and Universal Studios, since I was traveling solo I didn't think it would be fun to go to those places by myself.


As I was on a budget, I decided to go to the places where there were no entrance fees, with the exception of the Cloud Forest. The Marina Bay Sands, Merlion Park, Chinese Garden, Botanic Garden and Gardens by the Bay are all nice places to visit for anyone who wants to save. It does help that you can get a day pass for the MRT. Buying the day pass allows you to travel to a lot of places and reduce your spending. Singapore is a nice place to walk in, everything is in order. The mixture of races all converging in one place, but despite the eclectic mix of races, there was still one thread that bound this city-state together.

Crossing the Border from Singapore to Melaka

As Singapore was only part of my Southeast Asian trip, I crossed the border to Melaka. It wasn't difficult since you have plenty of choices. You can take the MRT to the last stop then take the bus to Johor Bahru, take the bus from Bugis to Johor Bahru for $2.4, or take the direct bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. If you are heading to Melaka, you can drop by Johor Bahru take another bus to Larkin for $1.7, then ride a bus from Larkin to Melaka for 2-3 hours. Crossing the border and passing through immigration is seamless, but it would take quite some time if you are crossing the border during the weekends or holidays.


  1. you gave me a great idea as i will be going to Singapore soon. thanks for posting the expenses too it gives me an idea as to how much I need to prepare

  2. Tank you for posting the places to visit in SG for travelers who are in a budget.

  3. How much is the Bus from Larkin to Melaka?

  4. @Lost Voyage: its there on the list, anyway, it's around 1.7 SGD :D