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The Sun Sets on Uluwatu

As the days dwindled on my visit to Bali, I watched a Kecak dance and the sunset in Uluwatu Temple.

The temple in Uluwatu stood at a cliff facing the sea.

Sunset in Uluwatu

The temple in Uluwatu was built in the 11th century to protect the Balinese from evil spirits.

This temple sits majestically at the edge of a cliff over the tumultuous waters beneath it. The temple can be viewed in two good places, to the north where the Kecak dances are held, and to the south. There were other temples in this complex, but the most spectacular one is the one standing on the cliff.

The cliff and the mountains looked fantastic, the Balinese really treasure nature. The temples that I visited were mostly on mountainsides, lakes, and cliffs.

As it was already late when I got to this temple, I didn't have to wait long to catch the sunset. There were a lot of monkeys lurking in this temple. One unfortunate guest had her sunglasses stolen by one of the monkeys. I was extra cautious when I took photos of the sunset and the temple. There is a 20,000 IDR entrance fee for Uluwatu Temple.

Kecak Dance

During my trip to Uluwatu, I managed to catch a traditional Kecak dance. The chant and dance was about the story of Ramayana.

Here are some snippets of the Kecak dance and chant:

The Kecak show costs 70,000 IDR and lasts for an hour.

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