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Itinerary & Expenses for Catanduanes & Camarines Sur Trip

Catanduanes is slowly gaining popularity for both local and foreign tourists. But few flights, partially paved roads, and unpredictable weather still make Catanduanes a hidden gem with plenty of pristine and unspoilt beaches.

beach in Catanduanes

Catanduanes has affordable food but very few choices when it comes to accommodations and it is quite difficult to get to some of the attractions.


My friend and I included Caramoan in our trip to Catanduanes, I've read that it was easier to get to Caramoan via Catanduanes that is why we took that route. If you don't include Caramoan in your trip, you'll spend less.

*Computations are on a shared basis for accommodation and transport rental

P1,950 - Accommodation in Catanduanes Midtown Inn with Airport Transfers
P1,010 - Tricycle Rental Whole Day
P935 - Food & Water
P40 - Internet
P50 - Entrance Fee to Twin Rock Resort
P20 - Entrance Fee to Maribina Falls
P20 - Entrance Fee to Amenia Resort
P10 - Entrance Fee to Mamangal Beach
P25 - Jeep to San Andres
P50 - Terminal Fee
P1,500 - Caramoan Island Hopping                                                                     
P5,610 - Total Expenses for 4 Days and 3 Nights Trip Excluding Airfare

We spent a lot on transportation because getting to some of the beaches in Catanduanes require special trips. Even if you take public transport to the next town, you'll still need to hire a tricycle for the special trip to a certain beach or area. Public transport is also rare, that is why it is better to rent a tricycle for a day to avoid hassles, but it still depends on your itinerary there are places that are accessible to public transport. The rate for renting a whole tricycle one-way is P150, but if you wait for other passengers it is normally around P20 to P25 if you are going to the next town or village.

Food is cheap, even if you eat at restaurants especially if you are in groups. You could read about food and places to eat in Virac here.


Too bad I was unable to visit the famous Baras Surf Beach up north. I wanted to hit two birds with one stone in this trip that is why I included Caramoan in the trip.

Day 1

Arrival in Virac
Mamangal Beach
Marilima Beach
Amenia Resort
Batag Beach
Twin Rock Beach Resort
Maribina Falls
Bato Church

Day 2

Sakahon Beach

Day 3

Caramoan Island Hopping

Day 4

Flight back to Manila

Updated guide to Catanduanes: Catanduanes travel guide

Updated guide to Caramoan: island hopping in Caramoan


  1. Oh...I am so green with envy:) Perfect for summer getaway! I'm sure you had a good time!

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