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Where to Eat in Catanduanes

Catanduanes is not only home to unspoilt beaches, this province off Bicol also has affordable and tasty food.

Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze is one of the most popular restaurants (there are only a few) in Virac. 

It is situated by the coastline, giving it a romantic feel once the sun sets.

The restaurant's main draw is the seafood. Food in Virac is relatively cheap, if you are traveling in groups. You can get a meal for 2-3 persons for around P150-P200. The seafood was good and the ambiance perfect for friends or couples.

Cafe Au

Cafe Au is a quaint little coffee shop in Virac. I ended up staying here for a while because the shop was the only place that had good Internet connection. For someone who works online, Internet connection is a must.

The coffee shop served delectable desserts for around P60 to P70.

You could get this house specialty for around P60.

The shop served hot and cold drinks for around P70 per order. The coffee was good value for the price.


Blossoms is an institution on the island of Catanduanes. The Spanish inspired design of the restaurant creates an ambiance of intimacy.

Dessert for less than P60! This kind of cake would've cost me around P100 back in Manila. The mango cake was sweet at just the right level, which made it delectably delicious, especially for its price.

There were several Filipino dishes served on this restaurant. We settled on ordering beef caldereta that was good enough for four people, the dish cost around P170. Each meal here costs less than P200 and is good enough for at least three people. The caldereta was just at the right level of spiciness and richness.

I loved how cheap the food was in Virac, especially restaurant food. You can save a great deal of money, if you travel to Virac in groups.

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