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Exploring Panglao Island, Bohol

Bohol is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. This summer (2014) I finally (first time) got the chance to visit this beautiful island in my home country.

Alona Beach
I've heard and read the good and bad things about Bohol, but like most of the places I go to, I always keep an open mind. Since Bohol faced the wrath of a powerful earthquake last year, I wouldn't mind spending money to help the locals.

Dauis Church

The first stop on my trip around Panglao Island is Dauis Church. This Spanish-inspired and historical church was built in the 1770s. The damage caused by the earthquake is visibly seen. Many devotees pay respects and say their prayers to the patron saint.

The Boholanos are slowly rebuilding the damaged heritage churches in different parts of the province. Dauis Church was undergoing repairs during my trip.

Hinagdanan Cave

Hinagdanan Cave was the next destination on my Panglao Island tour. This small cave had a pool inside where visitors can swim in.

It wasn't the kind of cave I was expecting but hey I was there already. There were several stalactites protruding from the ceiling of the cave. There's a popular photo spot where light shines down from an opening above the cave. A lot of the tourists I saw posed like a saint while the light beamed down on them from above. There is a P30 entrance and parking fee to enter the cave.

Bee Farm

Up next was the Bee Far. Everything made in this farm is organic, meaning the food is two to three times more expensive than usual, but for those who want to eat organic food it is a worthwhile investment. I decided to join the tour around the farm for P30. The guide discussed the different plants they used to make juices, bread, and the food they served. The bestseller in their restaurant is the salad.

Some of the walls in the farm used coconut shells as part of the materials used to construct it. It's a nice touch once you see it.

The tour included a display of how some of the farm's products were weaved and made. I saw a similar machine in Sagada and Lake Sebu, but the guide said the materials used were not as tough as the ones I saw there.

Momo Beach

As I've seen while traveling to different corners of the Philippines, my country never seems to run out of white sand and pristine beaches, Bohol is no exception. I looked up beaches found on Bohol and stumbled upon Momo Beach, after seeing pictures, I decided to include this during my trip to Bohol.

This beach paled in contrast to Alona Beach, where the beach front (it's kind of small actually) was lined with shops, restaurants, and hotels. Momo Beach on the other hand was quiet and less touristy.

Unfinished Bridge
I don't know why there was an unfinished bridge by the beach.

Momo Beach was a quiet place to sit and walk around in while contemplating the mysteries of the universe (insert sarcasm here).

Dumaluan Beach

Duumaluan Beach was my favorite beach in Bohol.

The waters were clear and the sand was fine and white, and the stretch of beach was longer and less crowded compared to Alona. There were also fewer establishments on this beach, but there were a lot of resorts lining the beach front.

I took my sweet time walking around this beach and dipping into its clear waters. There is an entrance and parking fee of P75 to enter Dumaluan Beach. The parking fee is higher if you are using a car, I hired a tricycle to get to this beach.

Alona Beach

Alona Beach was the most developed, commercialized, and crowded beach out of all the beaches I went to in Bohol, but the beach still had fine, white sand that was soft to the soles of my feet. Commercialization has its perks, but a crowded beach is still a crowded beach. Despite the commercialization and touts lingering about I enjoyed my stay here. I ate dinner with a great view of the beach during my entire stay in Bohol.

I hired a tricycle to take me to different parts of Panglao Island for P800 for the whole day, as soon as I arrived on the airport. I had my tour customized as I didn't like everything that was on the usual Panglao Island tourist route.

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  1. Thanks for featuring Bohol, I knew that no earthquake can hinder people from visiting my father's hometown too. My dad is from Antiquera, Bohol's center for basketry and handy crafts, home to Mag-aso Falls. Hope you have time to visit more tourists spots there. Cheers! -Joy from www.gastronomybyjoy.com

  2. Hi! Do you have contact details of your driver/tour guide? :)