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Travel Guide Budget and Itinerary for Bohol

Bohol is one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines. The province has plenty to offer visitors such as the famous Chocolate Hills, white sand beaches and other noteworthy attractions.

Here's a travel guide budget and itinerary for Bohol.

Guide to Bohol

I've been to Bohol twice and have yet to see everything. The province has plenty to offer tourists other than the usual Chocolate Hills, Bee Farm and Tarsier Sanctuary. The province is one of the most popular destinations in the country.

Places of Interest in Bohol

Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills are synonymous with Bohol. This attraction is the most recognizable and well-known attraction in the province. You can only view them from an observation deck which may turn some visitors off. However, you should still visit this destination while in Bohol.

Balicasag and Virgin Island

Like many islands in the Philippines, Bohol has beautiful islands and beaches worth visiting, two of which are Balicasag and Virgin Island. Balicasag is a good place to go snorkeling because of its vibrant underwater ecosystem. Virgin Island has a sandbar that appears during low tide.

You can book an island hopping tour for around P800 from Alona Beach. You pay an extra P200 to rent another boat for the snorkeling area.

Dimiao Falls

Bohol also has beautiful waterfalls, one of which is Dimiao. The cool cascades and waters provide a welcome relief especially during hot days.

Link to post: Dimiao Twin Falls

Bohol Bee Farm

This resort offers delicious food and some honey products you can take home. I was here for a while and learned more about the establishment.

Tarsier Sanctuary

Not a clear picture hahaha

The tarsiers are one of the biggest draws of Bohol. You shouldn't miss out on visiting the sanctuary during your visit. You'll learn more about these cute creatures, proper behavior around them and the conservation efforts of the local government.

Alona Beach

This white sand beach is the go-to destination of those visiting the province. There are many tour operators, restaurants, bars and resorts lining the shore or are a few minutes walk from it. You can make this your base when you visit the province's attractions.

Hinagdanan Cave

This cave has a pool where you can jump into or swim in. It's a good place to visit to cool off after exploring other parts of the province.

Dauis Church

You can clearly see the country's Hispanic influence exemplified by the old churches on the island. Dauis Church has Gothic design influence and is more than a century old.

Momo Beach

This secluded beach is a nice place to visit to get away from the crowds and have a chill day or few hours doing nothing.

Dumaluan Beach

This stretch of white sand is a developed area with many restaurants and hotels lining or near the shore.

Blood Compact Shrine

This is a monument built to commemorate the friendship Spaniard Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Bohol's Datu Sikatuna.

Man-made Forest

This beautiful man-made forest is a nice inclusion to your itinerary. You will most likely just pass through to take pictures.

Loboc River Cruise

This relaxing river cruise allows you to soak in the province's countryside while eating delicious local cuisine.

Getting Around Bohol

Public transportation in Bohol is an unreliable option for tourists. The interval between rides may take long and stops might be far from the attraction you want to visit. You can rent a motorbike for a day or so for around P300 to P600, the rate will depend on how long you'll rent and haggling skills.

You can rent a car for around P2500 to P3000 for the day. This is an ideal option for those traveling in groups. This is a more comfortable option compared to renting a motorbike or taking the bus. Alternatively, hire a tricycle to take you around Panglao Island for around P800 to P1000 for the day.

You can also join a tour or get a Bohol tour package, you'll find many tour operators around Alona Beach or book one online.

Where to Stay in Bohol

You'll find all sorts of accommodations in Bohol. There are budget places and high-end ones depending on your budget.

How to Go to Bohol

From Manila

The airport used to be in Tagbilaran, now it has moved to Panglao. The international airport in Panglao is now the island province's main airline hub. It gets you closer to the island's beaches and first-rate accommodations and resorts. Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific are just two of the airlines that operate between Manila and Pangalo. Book tickets months before your trip to get the lowest possible price.

From Cebu

If you are in Cebu, it is easy to reach Bohol by ferry. 

You can check this link out for schedules: Cebu to Bohol ferry

Budget for Bohol

This is a budget for 4 days and 3 nights trip, everything's in Philippine Peso.

*Shared with at least one other person

2550 - Accommodation (P850/person shared room)
1000 - Food and drinks
400 - Panglao Island tour (P400/person)
1000 - Island hopping (price is per person)
1000 - 2 days motorbike rental (P500 /person sharing per day)
200 - Transportation around the island
60 - Tarsier Sanctuary fee
50 - Chocolate Hills fee
30 - Bohol Bee Farm fee
30 - Hinagdanan Cave fee
450 - Loboc River Cruise                                                              

6770 - Total for 4 days and 3 nights, roughly 1600-1700 a day per person for a pair of travelers. You can spend less by taking public transportation or removing some attractions and things to do from your itinerary.

Sample Itinerary 4 Days and 3 Nights for Bohol

Day 1

Arrival at Panglao Island
Check in at hotel

Day 2

Panglao Island tour

Day 3

Countryside tour and Loboc River cruise

Day 4

Check out hotel
Depart for airport

This is a rough itinerary for your trip.

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