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Bohol Chronicles: Discovering Twin Falls

I thought I've seen all that I have to see in Bohol, but a recent trip allowed me to discover a destination not well-known to tourists outside of the nearby barangays and towns. Twin Falls was a pleasant surprise during our media tour to this wonderful province in Visayas.

Twin Falls

As soon as we left Tagbilaran City, Bohol's land and cityscape changed; from the concrete, mid-rise buildings to bungalows of nipa. The signs of commercialization also transformed from fastfood chains such as Pizza Hut and Jollibee to the usual mom and pop sari-sari stores of provincial towns that I'm more familiar with. The drive to Dimiao was scenic, the verdant landscape covered in rice fields as far a the eyes could see. It took around two hours before we finally made it to the jump-off point to the waterfalls.

Our guide told us that it would take only 10 minutes of walking before getting to the waterfalls. In the back of my mind, I knew that it would take longer, which it did. I was completely unprepared for the trek through mud and rocks, I didn't have an extra shirt nor was I wearing the right footwear. The few minutes turned into half an hour of walking before we reached Twin Falls.

As we made our way down the last stretch of mud and rocks, I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw.

The Twin Falls validated the short trek we had to take to get there. My only regret was that I didn't have extra clothes with me to swim in. So I just took as many pictures as possible in different angles.

The local kids had plenty of fun climbing up the rocks and jumping to the waters below.

We only stayed for a while, but I made a mental note of this destination if ever I decide to return. This was only one of the many destinations the province is trying to promote and develop outside the usual route of Panglao, Chocolate Hills and tarsiers.

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*DISCLAIMER: I was part of a media tour when I visited Twin Falls in Dimiao.

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