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Travel Guide to Hulugan and Aliw Falls

Laguna is a nearby destination where visitors can do plenty of things such as go caving in Cavinti or visit the many resorts to cool down in. Two of the places you can visit are Hulugan and Aliw Falls.

Hulugan Falls

It was quite a long trip from Cubao to Hulugan Falls; I underestimated the travel time and traffic. It took us almost three and a half hours to get to our destination one way.

After paying the entrance fee and getting a guide, we were on our way to our first stop, Hulugan Falls. The trek through concrete, dirt roads, large rocks and ascending and descending slopes was more difficult than I originally thought. It has been a while since my last hike, so I got tired more often than usual. It took around 30 to 40 minutes before we finally arrived at the waterfall.

Every drop of sweat and leg ache was worth it because of the view. Hulugan is definitely worth it! It lived up to its moniker because of the height it falls from the sky.

Every angle of the falls was picturesque. The cool waters were also refreshing to mind, body and soul. After some time in Hulugan, our group decided to head to nearby Aliw Falls.

Aliw Falls

It was an uneventful tricycle ride and a short and easier trek to get to Aliw Falls. Honestly, Hulugan Falls was better, but making the trip here was also worth it.

The cascading waters sloped down the stairs-like waterfall.

We took our time soaking in the cool waters before finally heading out. Bot these waterfalls are good enough for day trips from the metro. When we went on a weekend, there were crowds of people coming and going. If you can, head to both on a weekday to avoid the huge crowds.

How to Get to the Waterfalls

Both waterfalls are accessible via public or private transport. For those who won't travel by private car, there are buses in Cubao or Buendia bound for Sta. Cruz. Once in Sta. Cruz, ride a jeep bound for Luisiana and tell the driver you will alight at San Salvador. Both rides will cost approximately P200 one-way. Once in Hulugan Waterfalls, you can ride a tricycle to take you to Aliw Falls, which is only a few minutes away. There is a P10 entrance fee for both waterfalls. The guide fee will depend on how much you are willing to give as a group.

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