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The Chocolate Hills and the Cutest Monkeys in the World

Bohol is known for the Chocolate Hills and the tarsiers, I got the chance to see both during my summer trip to Bohol.

This trip almost didn't push through because of a hazardous arrangement with a tour agent. Thankfully, it was still early enough to visit the tarsier sanctuary and the Chocolate Hills.

Chocolate Hills

I only saw the Chocolate Hills on postcards, in books, or on TV, I finally got to see them up close and personal! They were quite a sight to behold if you ask me. These mounds of limestone mountains are spread throughout this area of the province as far as the eye could see.

The devastation of the earthquake did not spare this natural wonder. I saw some hills that eroded because of the powerful earthquake.

Aside from taking pictures, there wasn't much to do. I think the experience would be better if the tourism board added some activities, like a bike or trek trail to make this attraction more engaging.

How to Get to Chocolate Hills

You can hire a car for P2,500 to go on the countryside tour that includes the Chocolate Hills. You can alternatively ride a Carmen bound bus in Dau terminal for P90 (A/C bus) and tell the driver you'll alight at the Chocolate Hills. There is also an entrance fee of P50 to enter this attraction. There are motorcycles that take you up the hill for P30 one way, but you can easily walk up and down to reach the view point.

Tarsier Sanctuary

I couldn't leave Bohol without seeing the tarsiers. I made a mad rush to the sanctuary before it closed. It took a while before I got to the sanctuary because I missed my stop and had to go all the way back, but eventually I made it, with the help of a nice motorcycle rider who took me for a ride to the sanctuary.

These cute little animals are also known as mamag and measure 85 to 160 millimeters, making the tarsier one of the tiniest primates in the world. The tarsier is a solitary and nocturnal animal that is extremely shy. 

How to Get to the Tarsier Sanctuary

There are buses that pass by the sanctuary on the way to Carmen from Dau terminal next to Island City Mall. I'm not sure about the fare because I went to the sanctuary from the Chocolate Hills, the fare from the hills cost P30 (Non-A/C bus) one way. There is an entrance fee of P60 to enter the sanctuary.

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Beware of Touts!

I was supposed to join a countryside tour for only P600. The tour was supposed to start at 9AM, I waited for an hour or so and still no van came. I kept contacting the agent I dealt with for the tour, he kept telling me that the van was on the way. After waiting for more than 2 hours I decided to confront him in Alona Beach. he wasn't there so I decided to report him to the tourist police. I managed to get my money back but what frustrated me the most was that he kept me waiting for more than 2 hours for something that wasn't going to come. And the only time he told me that I wasn't going to get picked up anymore was when I reported him to the police. I wouldn't have minded settling right away so I wouldn't lose time.

Thankfully it was still only lunch time. I had enough time to catch the public bus to the Chocolate Hills and Tarsier Sanctuary, but I missed out on the other attractions on the way. There's always next time. I don't want mishaps like this ruining my adventure.

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