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Itinerary & Expenses for Pokhara & Kathmandu Trip

I wasn't able to go trekking on this trip to Nepal, but I'm seriously looking to return and do one of those week long treks. Nepal is an amazing country with a rich culture and plenty to offer all sorts of travelers. The country's chaotic streets may not be for everyone, but the friendly people more than make up for the chaos on the streets.


Here is a breakdown of my expenses during our trip to Nepal:

2000 - Round way bus tickets to Pokhara from Kathmandu
4195 - Food & water
1200 - Trekkers Home 2 nights (each, split three ways)
365 - Khangsar Guesthouse 2 nights (each, split three ways)
940 - Hotel Travel Inn Pokhara (each, split three ways)
350 - Pushpa Guesthouse accommodation in Pokhara (each, split three ways)
1880 - Car rent for Kathmandu City tour with Bhaktapur (for each, we split the car rent three ways)
200 - Fee Swayambhu or Monkey Temple
150 - Fee Boudhanath
500 - Fee Patan
1000 - Fee Pashupatinath
1500 - Fee Bhaktapur (Durbar, Taumadhi, Pottery, Dattatraya Square)
30 - Sarangkot entrance fee
400 - Sarangkot car rent (each, split 4 ways)
30 - Devi's/Davis falls
100 - Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave
400 - Car rent for Pokhara City tour (each, split 3 ways)
400 - Transport
465 - Souvenirs
100 - Miscellaneous                                                                                      
NPR 16305 - Total

*The exchange rate at the time of our visit, June 2014, was NPR 94 for US$1.
*This is the amount I spent. I managed to spend less because I split the accommodation and transport expenses with my travel mates. They either spent more or less because of the food and souvenirs bought.
*Figures are in Nepalese Rupees


We only got to travel around Nepal for a week. Since trekking was out of the equation, we went to the popular sites around the city such as Monkey Temple, Boudhanath, Patan, Pashupatinath, Kathmandu Durbar Square, and Bhaktapur in Kathmandu City. While in Pokhara, we went to Sarangkot, World Peace Pagoda, the cave, and the falls. I didn't do the paragliding, but my friends did. I didn't want to do it because I wouldn't have seen the Himalayas as the background while paragliding. The cloud cover was constant throughout our stay.

Why visit Nepal?

Nepal is a unique country that has a lot to offer aside from popular trekking destinations. The food was cheap and delicious, and the ancient sites worth going to because of their vibrancy and cultural chaos. I only had one bad experience during our trip to Nepal, but it wasn't serious enough to ruin our trip. I have a feeling Nepal is a great introduction to India, one of the countries I would like to explore in the future.


  1. I'm not into trekking but definitely Nepal is one of the countries that I'm planning to visit as well. Food being cheap and delicious would be the best reason why I'm eyeing on traveling to this place.

  2. A friend of mine wanted to visit this place, this will help her prepare and budget how much money to be spent with this trip.

  3. Nepal is a place for tourist but not for its people for growth. Have lots of tourist attractions where they mostly gain their revenues.

  4. I like to go to the trekking sites. I'm sure to appreciate their rich heritage and attraction in Nepal.

  5. I hope I could visit this exotic country. I was fascinated with its beauty from one of the celebrities I followed in IG. I don't know if that's Solenn or whoever else.

  6. Helpful post for those who love traveling and are on a budget:) Lovely place. Hope to see it in one of my travels.

  7. I'm interested about the World Peace Pagoda. How much is the expenses if converted to peso?

  8. A place full of beauty and tourist spot. Hope I can visit there someday.