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Taste Testing Nepal

I had no idea what to expect from Nepalese food, simply because I have never tasted any dish from this country. With no expectations, my friends and I dove into the different dishes that Nepal had to offer. I don't want to pretend to be a food connoisseur, but here goes something.

Taste Testing Nepal

Pardon me for not remembering some of the names of the dishes.

The first impression I had of Nepalese food after the first meal we had was that it was quite similar to Indian food. The food was spicy and mixed with plenty of vegetables.

This soup was not bad but wasn't memorable either. 

The Nepalese teas was quite delicious, it was unlike the usual tea that I normally had in different parts of Southeast Asia and back home in the Philippines. For me, it had an earthy and creamy taste.

The most familiar dish I had in Nepal was the curry. it was spicy and filled with meat and vegetables. Apparently, most of the dishes in Nepal are quite spicy, I had to drink water or soda just to eliminate part of the spice that kicked into my tongue.

My favorite street food in Nepal was momo! Momo is steamed or deep fried with vegetables, buffalo, chicken or other type of meat inside. I couldn't get enough of momo while I was in Nepal. It was a staple dish for me whether it was snack time or dinner or lunch.

If I'm not mistaken, this is curry!

More spicy dishes to heat up our temperate nights and afternoons in Nepal.

I wasn't able to try all of these, but some of them did look like the usual barbecues I often eat back home.

Street food galore!

More spicy food from the noodles to samosas to momo and to something that resembled pita bread (I forget the name).

A majority of the dishes we ordered in Nepal were quite spicy. Unless you told them to limit or completely remove the spices, you'll be in for a spicy treat. The serving of each dish was quite big and good value for the price you pay for ranging from P50 to P100 or $1.5 to $2 per meal. Even the complete traditional Nepalese dining sets were quite cheap, they were around P200 and up or $5 and up. Popular destinations like Pokhara and Kathmandu offer Western, Chinese, and Japanese dishes in most restaurants. You won't have a hard time looking for steaks, burgers, pizza, and Chinese fried rice when you are sick of getting your tongue burned by spices.

*My friends and I spent approximately NPR 4500 on food and water (each, their were 3 of us) during our week long trip in Nepal.