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Exploring 4 Islands in Krabi

After two nights in Krabi town, I resigned myself to the fact that the weather would be gloomy throughout my stay. Since it was my last full day in Krabi, I decided to go on a trip to the 4 islands near Krabi. Group tours are cheaper for solo travelers like myself.

Island Hopping

We were taken to a boat dock and were quickly whisked away on a traditional Thai long tail boat. As the boat chugged along, the landscape quickly reminded me of the many islands back home. The towering karst formations jutting out of the emerald sea took me back to Palawan and Caramoan just to name a few islands back home.

Poda Island

The first island on the trip was Poda Island. Fine, white sand, and the towering rock formation that rose above the waters greeted us as we docked.

Although touristy I liked Poda Island. The emerald waters were nice to swim in and the sand soft enough to lay around and do nothing in, perfect for beach bummers. The crowds weren't a lot compared to some of the attractions and beaches in Thailand that I have been to.

Tup & Si Island

I was honestly disappointed with Tup & Si Island. There were just too many people in such a small island. There was supposed to be a sandbar that connected the two islands, but sadly it was high tide already, and did I say there was just too many people in such a small island??? We had a nice lunch here, the saving grace of my whole time there, we were allowed to get seconds! Yehey for food!

Railay & Phra Nang

Railay and Phra Nang are two of my favorite places in this part of Thailand. As it was monsoon season, there weren't a lot of people on the beach. The sand was just right and the emerald waters calm enough to swim in. There are rock climbing activities in the area, but I decided to pass on them on this trip, maybe next time.

The long tail boats that lined the shoreline were picture perfect. The limestone formations were definitely a sight to behold.

Strangely, there was a small cave that had all kinds of phallic relics inside it.

Up close and personal with the beautiful rock formations hugging the beach.

I did a lot of bumming around since I was traveling solo. I just sat on my favorite part of the beach and soaked everything in. There were no crowds, although there were handfuls of people here and there. The stretch of beach was dotted by beautiful rock formations sprouting out of the water and it seemed like the long tail boats were perfectly placed by the beach to get a perfect photo.

There was a long tail boat that sold different kinds of food while on the island. I ordered my favorite mango pancake (albeit more expensive compared to Krabi and Ao Nang) and just sat on my favorite spot on the beach. The 4 islands tour I took set me back 400 Baht, maybe you can get a cheaper price somewhere else.


  1. For some reasons, the limestone formations reminds me of Guimaras. :)

  2. @RM: now that you've mentioned it, yes they do! haha pero may hint din ng Caramoan :))