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Itinerary & Expenses for Trip to Ipoh

I didn't plan on staying for 4 days in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia, but I didn't want to move around so much anymore (before my planned month long trip in Thailand) and I needed a base to work, I ended up staying longer than I should.


*The expenses are in Malaysian Ringgit

118.5 - 3 nights in Abby Hotel by the River Town
25 - Bus to Ipoh city from KL's Pudu Station
5.7 - Bus fares within the city
3 - Bus to Perak Tong via Kuala Kangsar round way
1.5 - Bus to Sam Poh Tong via Kampar
71.4 - Food & water
6 - Train to Batu Gajah
40 - Taxi expenses
10 - Kellie's Castle fee for foreigners
25 - Train to KL from Ipoh city                                                
306.1 - Total for 4 days and 3 nights


There isn't much to do in the city itself, but once you head out, you can visit more attractions. You can visit the cave temples, walk around the old city, look at the artworks in various parts of the city, and get some white coffee or local delicacies. You can also visit Kellie's Castle from Ipoh city. From what I've read, there are more interesting places to visit in Kuala Kangsar and the other cities outside but near Ipoh. Ipoh is a nice, laid back city with a diverse culture and history. I've been to other states in Malaysia and I can say that despite the differing cultures of the Malays, Indians, and Chinese, Malaysia managed to create a melting pot of cultures that has thrived and lived with each other for so long.

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