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No Spies on James Bond Island

I was disappointed that I was unable to visit the famous Maya Bay during my first full day in Krabi. Thankfully, the tour agency gave us all refunds for the cancelled trip. So I decided to take the tour with James Bond Island in it. The island was made famous because it was one of the locations of one of the James Bond movies, I don't know which one, but I'm sure it was released even before I was born.

The weather cooperated this time around as there were sorta clear skies during the trip.

This Reminds Me of Home

As soon as we arrived at the port, we rode a boat to some islands. The many rock formations reminded me of the islands back home.

Am I in Palawan? Is this Caramoan? These were the images running through my mind as the tour went on. The greenish waters weren't clear though and there were droves of tourists coming from all directions, even in monsoon season.

Where's James Bond Island?

I felt that we were getting close to the famous James Bond Island because of the many boats heading in the same direction. After making a turn at the huge rock formation, there it was, underwhelming and beautiful at the same time.

The matchstick-like rock jutted out of the emerald waters, standing gloriously silent, unaware of the chaos surrounding it, this was James Bond Island.

This was also James Bond Island. Many tourists take turns to do all sorts of poses. Yes (I know you have that question in your head), people posed like James Bond next to the rock formation. The seemingly unending droves of tourists went in and out of the island taking turns to snap a photo. The murky waters and grainy sand weren't all that enticing.

I just had to take a picture with the iconic landmark.

Aside from the towering rock formation, there were other works of nature on the island and more tourists taking pictures of themselves.

Where to Next?

After being shuttled through James Bond Island, we were taken to a floating village to have lunch and (you guessed it) buy souvenirs. It's amazing how these souvenir shops sprout out of nowhere to sell you something, kudos to soft-selling.

We visited a temple where there were a lot of monkeys milling about the entrance, and of course, you wouldn't be in Thailand if there wasn't a giant statue of Buddha or any nearby wats.

There was a small cave near the statues of Buddha.

There was a small falls included in the trip. It wasn't exceptional, so I just sat around talking with the other tourists on the trip. Thailand has done a good job of creating places and infrastructure perfect for tourism. Despite the large crowds, the flow of the tours are impressive, it's just very tourist-friendly.

I managed to bargain down the price to 1000 Baht for the entire trip including lunch and transfers. The trip included: Khao Majoo, Khao Phing Kan, James Bond Island, Koh Panyee, Monkey Cave Temple, and Raman Falls.


  1. I didn't know there's an island called James Bond island. I hope I can visit it someday.

  2. It looks like Coron though the islet in the middle looks amazing. Glad you had your 007 moment.

  3. Beautiful pics.Really,that's the name of the island? Looked like you really had fun. Hope to roam that place one day!
    Jeni G of Kalikotpepot

  4. First time to hear about James Bond Island. The rock formations are just simply awesome.

  5. It was shown in James Bond movie 'The Man with the Golden Gun'. I like those sheer limestone cliffs that vertically jut out of the emerald-green water.

  6. 1,000 Baht isn't bad on the pocket at all. Wish to visit James Bond Island with the fambam in time.

  7. The rock formations are awesome. Is the giant Buddha statue really made of gold?

  8. It looked a lot like you're in Palawan but no.. Good thing they have these islands in Thailand! I hope they'll shoot another James Bond movie and feature this island again.. :D

  9. We also visited James Bond Island last year. It's true, reminds you of Palawan in some areas.

    I'm impressed because Thailand knows how to market their beautiful islands. The droves of boats loading and unloading tourists during our trip was proof of it.

    Good job on the haggling. I had a college friend living in Phuket and speaks Thai now so she managed to book our trips and got good deals too.